V.sualise is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that ideates and executes vernacular design solutions in the fields of

Arts, Architecture, and Experiences.

We are on a mission to revive the world of folk arts, crafts,
music, culture, and architecture, and
present them in a modern context, with a touch of the
unexpected and the unconventional.


Being the resident purveyors of V Resorts' design identity, we have created several spaces and experiences that are vivid in their blueprint, functional in their purpose and Indian in their influence. We now utilize this acumen to provide design solutions in the space of architecture, experiences, retail design, and events.

Architectural Projects

V.sualise conceptualizes and executes architecture projects for buildings and spaces, covering all aspects of building design, interiors, landscaping, installations and renovation.


We collaborate with established as well as emerging artists for our eclectic design projects, partly with a vision to revive the glorious tradition of Indian arts and crafts. Our recent collaborations include the interiors facelift of V Resorts Murud with designer Anupama Dayal and a mural project with the upcoming graffiti artist Dinesh.


We organise interesting, novel events true to our identity of a 'uniquely-local' brand. These events range from the new-age pencil jams and music jams, to the awe-inspiring heritage walks and food trails. Here, too, we tie up with upcoming artists to enrich these events with their talents.

PITARA by V Resorts

V.sualise is the product design and store design partner for Pitara by V Resorts, an in-house chain of quirky merchandise stores across all V Resorts' properties, that stocks branded convenience items like data cables and binoculars, and local crafts products peculiar to the destination.


Architectural Projects

V Resorts Mahua Bagh, Murud by

Anupama Dayal

V.sualise was tasked with revamping the four-room Super-Deluxe block at V Resorts Mahua Bagh Murud. We decided to be unconventional, and roped in the acclaimed fashion designer Anupama Dayal. Taking inspiration from the local elements- the mango and coconut trees on the property, the seashells on the beach nearby, and butterflies flying around, she did the interiors and some exterior elements in these motifs- mangoes, coconuts, turtles, butterflies, seashells, in her signature style.

V Resorts Banni Khera Farms,


A typical farm stay in Haryana's heartland, V Resorts Banni Khera Farms Rohtak was one of our most fun challenges. Tasked with doing justice to its roots while striking a chord with the urban well-heeled traveller, we designed spaces in quintessential Haryanvi colours, while keeping them modern in aesthetics. Taking this up a notch, we created some unique and, frankly, amazing experiences for our guests, like an interesting boat dinner by a water body nearby.

V Resorts Kotabagh, Jim Corbett

National Park

V Resorts Kotabagh is a unique wildlife resort. With V Resorts' push to distinguish it as an experiential getaway, we had our task cut out. We made good use of its pristine location and incorporated local material and influences, like bamboo, cane, stones from the nearby riverbed and other organic materials. We created experiences like a riverbed dinner, a thatched restaurant, a bamboo birding deck and massage room, that have made V Resorts Kotabagh a perennial favourite of travellers.

Upcoming Projects

V Resorts Adhbhut, Jaipur

At V Resorts Adhbhut Jaipur, we are creating a live folk arts' village. We intend to create an arts' space, where upcoming folk artists, musicians, craftsmen will be able to showcase their work to guests and patrons, who will be able to interact with them. Besides, we are infusing Rajasthani folk tradition in the building's architecture. Each room will be a glimpse into a different craft form, with an important piece of Rajasthani heritage or history acting as the canvas for each. In time, we will also organise heritage tours and walks through these old streets.


The Great Delhi Pop-up@ V Resorts,


The year gone by was very fulfilling for us. We organised some unique events that were great crowd-pullers and brought some much-needed freshness to Delhi's saturated events scene. One of the best ones, The Great Delhi Pop-Up, was a celebration of traditional Kayasth cuisine, with Sufi musicians adding a touch of magic in the air. We had a blast creating the concept, the theme and designing the event spaces for guests.


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V.sualise, a design studio by V Resorts