The first rays of sun fall on you, as you sip the chilled rhododendron juice. You have never seen the sky so clear, so orange, so blue. The gentle breeze rustles the pages of your book; the little bird, hidden amidst the sprawling pine trees, sings a soft melody. The white, snow-covered peaks in the distance watch you quietly, as you go about in the resort, doing absolutely nothing.

That's right, taking a break from the hurried city life provided the inspiration for V Resorts. After working so hard, there are times you want to be pampered and just be at leisure in a spectacular but unobtrusive landscape. That's a code our resorts work by. Each resort is a self-contained destination by itself.

In the resort in Ranikhet, you can have a picnic anywhere in the woods; in Ranakpur, you can lounge in the pool and watch the sunset; in Bandhavgarh, you can sit in the gazebo and be party to the night calls of the animals; in Sattal, you can get a foot massage while watching the serene lake. Each resort is designed to maximise the scenic experience -- there are sit-outs, gazebos, sunrise points, lounging and picnic corners in the woods, tea on the birding deck, yoga on a jutted rock and bonfires -- so that even the nights are a special experience.

To complete the holiday experience, V Resorts has dedicated activity rooms with pool and table tennis table, board games, painting canvases and sometimes, television, for the rare urban-life craving. These are not many, we can promise.

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