What better way for us to celebrate India than an ode to its diverse spices. They best reflect the country, colourful and diverse; yet when they come together they form a poetry that can best be described as scrumptious. While we uncovered the various destinations across India, we discovered a food mine. Each state and region had dishes that had stayed hidden in the locals' homes for ages.

Grandma recipes, hidden gems, food made with ingredients picked from outside the home and within forest, food with stories and lore. Often, unheard by urbanites. Our signature restaurant, SpiceWalk, offering cuisines from 12 states is one such experiment to give a platform to these diverse foods of India.

Here, you can sample gahat ki dal, made and found exclusively in Kumaoni households, and chicken anardana, made on occasions in the higher altitude Himachali homes. Try dishes like Rajasthani kadhi khichdi, a grandmother's recipe passed down the ages, and Bundelkhand kadhi, a Madhya Pradesh take on the universally loved Indian dish.

When you visit Maharashtra, there's meat cooked in grape sauce. At our adventure camp in Shoghi, you can pick the bicchu buti from the stream inside the camp, and have the bicchu buti soup.

The ingredients and spices used in the restaurant are all locally grown -- the resort in Kalagarh grows everything within its premises -- or freshly procured. Often, you can go fishing, get your catch and ask the resort to give the dish a locally inspired, SpiceWalk makeover. At the risk of sounding corny, we can say Be Indian, Eat Indian!

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