• Aditi Balbir

    Chief Everything Officer

    Leaving behind an accomplished career in finance that spanned almost a decade and names like McKinsey and Baring Equity, Aditi has become an icon for women entrepreneurs in India. A compulsive traveller (at the time of writing she has visited at least 6 continents), she, with her drive and vision, has quickly shaped V Resorts into a formidable force. She enjoys mentoring promising women and fostering entrepreneurship, and is on the panel of Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network and the Cherie Blair Foundation. When not disrupting leisure travel in India, she likes to let her pen do the talking. Aditi's writing is an intriguing mix of humour and expertise, wit and wisdom; no surprise it has featured in places as distinct as Entrepreneur and AskMen, Economic Times and YourStory. Her elegant charm permeates to her wardrobe; her tasteful dressing ensures she's the centre of attention, be it the office or a social gathering. Her generous, good-humoured approach to life, beside her numerous talents, has won her many fans and accolades. You may have heard of her name, but at this pace, you're going to hear a whole lot more.

    “Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”

  • Dhaval Jani

    Chief Breadwinner

    If not for the fear of ridicule, Dhaval would've adopted 'Numbers' as his middle name a long while back. A hardcore Sales guy with a keen eye for creating opportunities, Dhaval has few interests in life as deeply fascinating as crunching numbers and conjuring business leads out of thin air. An intuitive and ingenious leader, Dhaval has headed the Sales and growth initiatives of illustrious names like MakeMyTrip, TATA Communications and Bharti Airtel. You'd rarely find him not crunching numbers, but when you do, you'd find him living it up in ways that'll make you jealous. He enjoys socializing, and that is apparent from his illustrious list of friends and acquaintances. He likes splurging on good brands, and his wardrobe is an enviable collection of labels. He's not at 18-hole level yet, but his love and knowledge of golf is impressive.

    “Winning is a habit.”

  • Ajai Singh


    A firm believer in employee expertise and rock & roll, Ajai is a veteran of the Operations and Training domain, having worked with the likes of Escorts Ltd, Tata AIG and Reliance Retail. It's known that he likes to live fast and large. And there's ample evidence in his dinner parties and even his daily lunch-box, both of which he cooks for himself. His deep affection for food and fine liquor is matched only by his love for classic rock, and his prized collection of records and albums is an easy way to give any music fan sharp pangs of desire. Ajai is comfortable with attention, be it in front of the camera or in public gatherings, which we have tried and failed at emulating. While everybody else is busy settling down, he looks like he's only getting started, and we're merrily on for the ride.

    “Better than yesterday.”

  • Chaitali Tarat

    Innovation Evangelist

    The owner of an astute creative mind and sharp people skills, Chaitali is responsible for executing standardization across all resorts. Though armed with a masters' in English literature, her skills and interests range widely from fashion design to management. A proponent of retail therapy, it is believed that her wardrobe is the setting for the Chronicles of Narnia. A fan of old movies and Kishore Kumar, she is fond of gardening too but laments that the space crunch in Delhi doesn't allow her to express it properly. She says she has spent years studying Rabindra Sangeet and we don't doubt because she can make people dance to her tunes.

    “Be frugal. Be creative.”

  • Anil Singh

    Head of Firefighting

    A veteran of the hospitality industry, Anil has more than 26 years experience in handling Operations in various capacities for industry majors like Royal Orchid Group, Dolphin Group and Mahindra Holidays & Resorts. He believes that quality of work speaks for itself and that has been his abiding mantra during his time in this field. Bearing an amiable appearance, Anil has an even-tempered attitude at the workplace- a quality that has seemed to rub off on his colleagues and subordinates. His placid manner may be attributed to Yoga, something he has been practising for long. He fills up his leisure time with reading and enjoying old movies & music. When he's not at work, he likes to spend time with his family which he says is his stress-buster.

    “Nothing will work unless you do.”

  • Parul Khanna

    Chief Creative Jedi

    A spirited journalist, a creative force, a genuine and genuinely funny person, an animal lover- Parul juggles roles like lesser men juggle tennis balls. Previously an acclaimed journalist with Hindustan Times and The Pioneer, she has effortlessly transformed into an authority on digital communications and online marketing. Funny like her eclectic taste, she dislikes boring people, people with fake accents, and struggling to find a jacket for her walrus-like labrador, His Excellency Bholu Ram Khanna. If you happen to find her not busy writing or engrossed in a deep conversation, you'd find her in pursuit of a new place to dine or tasting a new wine. An aspiring film-maker, if she could put herself anywhere in place and time, she would either be in New Zealand or a Murakami novel. She wishes she was better at cooking and being serious, but we think her knack with belly dancing and witty repartee more than makes up for it. And the guys in the office would look like cave-men, if not for her constant reproaches.

    “Good quality is the best kind of advertising.”

  • Seema Ahluwalia

    Professor of Domestic Sciences

    A veteran of the hospitality industry, Seema has supervised and coordinated housekeeping operations for some of the biggest names in this sector, like Hilton, Hyatt and ITC. Old-fashioned in the best ways possible, she's a homebody whose favourite pastime is being with her family. Being a proud baby-boomer, she enjoys music of that era, the 60s and 70s, including Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash. She's an avid reader, and has an affinity for classics from the likes of John Steinbeck and Jane Austen, and humour. Her relocation from the US to Delhi has curtailed her interests in gardening and classical music, but she utilizes her time taking care of stray dogs in her society and sensitising people on caring for them. Seema pulled an unprecedented coup when she supervised operations for getting the Commonwealth Games Village ready for athletes in just three weeks right before the Games in 2010. An immaculately polite lady, she has gained notoriety off late for instilling etiquette in whoever she talks to.

    “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

  • Shubham Jangir

    Property Design Artist

    He could've easily been one of the many tall, countryside dudes passing out from elite engineering colleges these days, but his fondness for Zara (the men's collection of course) and hard rock ensures that's not the case. Surprisingly for an architect, he has a way with people, which comes in handy when we need someone to straighten up vendors or train resort staff, and also reflects in his love life. Unlike most people of his tastes, he dislikes non-vegetarian food and Shahrukh Khan. His tall stature owes itself to him being good at sports, badminton in particular, and keeping busy physically-he loves trekking and does it frequently. We plan on using his height for our regular weather reports, but his design skills are enough for now.

    "It will happen because I will make it happen.”