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Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

A city filled with blooming flowers, historic tombs, and a wealth of stories.

Andhra Pradesh along with the state of Telegana, occupy a great portion of eastern India, which stretches for more than 1,200 kms. Stretching along the coast from Odisha to Tamil Nadu and reaching into the interiors of the state, the fertile deltas of the Godvari and Krishna and semi-arid Deccan plateau are both an integral part of the state.

A major high-tech hub and, for the time being, the joint capital of both states, Hyderabad, is predominantly a Muslim city that boasts of lively bazaars, the eclectic Salar Jung Museum, impressive Chowmahalla Palace and the formidable Golconda Fort. Another major city in the state is Warangal, that is home to Muslim and Hindu remains from the earlier century while Buddhist legacy is still preserved at museums like Nagarjunakonda and Amaravati.

More than monuments however, it is the food that attracts travellers to this state. A major producer of both rice and chilies, both these items are generously used in all their kitchens. So while almost everyone who visits the state would have had their share of Hyderabadi Biryani and Andhra Chilly chicken, Telugu cuisine offers a host of other options as well, that range from decadent to healthy. In short, if lip smacking chilly food is your kryptonite, you will meet your match here.  Here are some things you must try here:

  1. Andhra Style Chicken Curry: Succulent chicken pieces that are added to hot and spices masalas. It is then garnished with fresh coriander leaves and generally served with plain rice
  2. Pulasa Pulusu: One of the costliest fish in the world, pulasa is usually available only during the monsoon season. This fish is generally made from a spicy stew with tamarind and ladies finger
  3. Pootharekulu: Made from a special kind of sticky rice, that is poured into paper thin sheets, Pootharekulu is placed one upon each other, it is interspersed with powdered sugar, ghee and dry fruits. It is commonly eaten with a glass of full cream milk
  4. Upma: Made with coarse rice flour, upma is one of the healthiest breakfast option, and is best enjoyed with a glass of filter coffee
  5. Golichina Mamsam: A simple fried dish, this is a dry dish that has chunks of mutton that are fried with chilies and fiery spice. Although it is eaten as a starter, it works as a main course dish as well
  6. Curd rice: A simple dish made with unsweetened curd, rice, and assorted vegetables, curd rice is enjoyed with some spicy chutney. Since its easily digestible, it can be enjoyed by people who are keen to watch their calories as well.


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