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V Resorts Etranger Mhaismal

Right on top of a hill rests (and truly rests) the resort. You can see the expanse of surrounding green valleys, mountains, farm patches as well as the Ellora Caves (provided it is a clear day). V Resorts Etranger is situated in Mhaismal, Maharashtra’s little undiscovered hill station (at least to visitors from outside the state) is a gateway to UNESCO World Heritage sites - Ajanta caves, some 95 km away, and Ellora Caves (or Verul Leni in the local dialect) which is just 9 km away. Rich in heritage, endowed with natural beauty, the Mhaismal resort also has close access to other historical and ancient temples. An eco-tourism destination, thousands throng the hill station during monsoon when it turns a shade of deep green. Waking up in the middle of a fog-filled room is a reality here.

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Local Tour

On the road leading to the Mhaismal hill station is the Girijamata temple, believed to be a site of an ancient shrine. A lake beside the temple adds to the serenity of the space. Located close to the Ellora caves, the Ghrishneshwar temple is believed to be one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines (linked to Lord Shiva).

Aurangabad and Mhaismal are gateways to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora which have wowed art-lovers for generations. We arrange guided tours to both sites for couples and groups. Ajanta, which is 95 km away from the resort, has some of the finest examples of ancient Indian painting, particularly Buddhist religious art, dating back as far as the 2nd century BC. For more than a millennium, the artistic treasures of Ajanta remained tantalizingly hidden from human eyes — until a young British officer on a tiger hunt stumbled upon them in 1819! Besides stunning images of the Buddha, rich depictions of palaces, prince and princesses and intricate jewelry make Ajanta a remarkably vibrant site of India’s art heritage. Known for its spectacular rock-cut Buddhist and Hindu temples and other striking structures, Ellora is a mere 9km from the resort. Comprising a total of 34 Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves, it is the finest examples of rock-cut architecture from India. The most spectacular of these is Cave 16, the site of the Kailasa Temple, whose scale and creative energy will take your breath away.



Because of the strategic hilltop location of the resort, all rooms have a splendid view of expansive hills, green valleys. During monsoon, fog has a habit of strolling into the rooms. All rooms have telephones.

Swimming Pool

The resort has a pool. There is also jacuzzi and steam bath that the guests can use. On request, meals and parties are arranged outdoors next to the pool in an area that accommodates around 2000 people.


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With an extensive menu that ranges from Continental to Indian, the resort interestingly grinds its own wheat and serves Chicken Maratha, a regional delicacy. The resort arranges outdoor dinners, as well as barbeque – near the pool and also the terrace that has views of the valleys.


Though one of the most visited hill stations in Maharashtra, Mhaismal is relatively unknown outside the state. Located on the eastern side of the Sahyadri range, it is close to Aurangabad, a city famous for its rich history, monuments, culture and a thriving street food scene influenced by Hyderabadi cuisine.


  • By Air: The nearest airport is in Aurangabad Airport(45km)
  • By Rail: The nearest station is Aurangabad Railway Station(37km)
  • By road: Mumbai(337km); Aurangabad(39km)
  • Address: Main Road, Mahismal, Near Khultabad, Aurangabad, Maharashtra-431001