Our Story

Founded in 2011 by Aditi Balbir, an ISB graduate, V Resorts is a new age travel solutions company that provides standardised premium experiences in the leisure travel space.

Giving our guests a taste of the local – and we're not just talking food here – is the V Resorts way.

Primarily built on the concept of introducing the harried Indian traveller to new and unexplored places in the country, V Resorts is developing new destinations — and — ideas for tourism.

Today, we have more than 70 properties spread across 14 states. Balbir, who is the chief executive of V Resorts, conceptualised the business idea while conducting research for Bedrock Ventures. “When you expose urban travellers to unique travel experiences such as discovering the regional arts and crafts, indigenous food etc, awareness and appreciation grows, and it empowers the 'little India', leading to the successful growth of the model,” she says.

Our resorts' standardised elements include V Canvas (aesthetically designed artworks that give a tantalising visual glimpse into what we offer); Spice Walk (our exclusive range of dining options that emphasise local and regional cuisines); V Shop (an eclectic range of naturally procured items and local shopping destinations); V Unwind (in-house infotainment and leisure activities) and V Indulge (spas and massages to pamper our guests). While our corporate office is in Noida, the V Resorts family is truly spread across the length and breadth of the country, committed to finding new ways to delight our guests and customers.

Both our corporate philosophy and values fit in perfectly with the central government's pro-tourism agenda, which stresses the role of tourism in boosting employment and economic growth, and contributing to skill enhancement of local communities.

As Balbir says: “Our business model is simple – develop a new destination, establish a resort, support the local villages by providing employment, developing new skills, supporting the local trade, developing the local markets, etc., and provide the customer with a true ‘Make In India’ tourism experience.” To achieve our ambitious goals we rely entirely on local staff and resources to run our resorts; practise environmentally friendly policies (include conservation of water and use of solar power); boost local economies by tying up with local vendors; and give our guests a fascinating glimpse of the regional art, craft, music and dance forms. We've had an incredible journey so far – but what really excites us is the road ahead!