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Sunderbans tours

Explore Sundarbans

Water wonder!

Declared a UNSCO World Heritage site, the sundarbans forest is home to a plethora of unique flora and fauna, with many found exclusively in its jungles. Explore the land in all its forms with a wide range of activites from boating to safaris.

Boating in the Sundarbans Basin - When you're on the boat, moving slowly through the mysterious waters of the Sundarbans, you might be reminded of Amitav Ghosh's unforgettable words from The Hungry Tide: “Yet each of these channels is a river in its own right, each possessed of its own strangely evocative name. When these channels meet, it is often in clusters of four, five or even six: at these confluences, the water stretches to the far edges of the landscape and the forest dwindles into a distant rumor of land, echoing back from the horizon. It's a riveting ride into the surreal channel waterways and a great way to get up, close and personal with this ancient delta, which is not quite land, not quite water.

Banbini Yatra, Cultural Show - The Banbibi Yatra is a unique theatrical performance enacted by the villagers of the Sundarbans. Banbibi is the most important village goddess of the Sundarbans. People worship her to ward off dangers lurking in the forest. Get a fascinating glimpse into this narrative-based theatre form. Get mesmerised by the local Baul performers' folk songs in the evening. The area's tribal community also performs the Tusu dance. It's a spectacular atmosphere, the evening sky lit up by the bonfire and a million stars.

Wildlife Sanctuary - The Bengal Tiger is synonymous with the Sundarbans, and there are countless legends associated with this magnificent big cat. But there are other big and small creatures roaming, crawling, swimming and flying in these parts, including estuarine crocodiles, water monitor lizards, white-bellied eagles and multiple crab species. For a closer look at crocodiles, visit the Bhagabatpur hatchery. The wildlife safari, which lasts an entire day, happens almost entirely on boat through the mysterious and interlinked waterways of the Sundarbans Delta. The double-decked boat picks you up from the resort and stops at strategically located towers a few times in the day for better views.

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