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Kashmir Arts

Local Arts In Kashmir

Kashmiriyat - The perfect blend of Hindu, Islamic, Sikh and Buddhist culture!

Jammu & Kashmir, the northernmost state of India, is of rich and diverse tradition, beauty, nature, festivals, colors, fragrances, languages and religions, therefore Kashmiri traditional handicrafts promises everything - beauty, dignity, form and style. The majestic appeal of Kashmiri arts and crafts lies in its exclusivity and mystical tone which leaves people mesmerized. Along with its scenic beauty, Kashmir is famous for its cultural heritage; it amalgamates Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies and has involved composite culture based on the values of humanism and tolerance.

The vibrant culture of the state is also reflected in the paintings costumes and ornaments which are truly world class. One can easily spot the sculptures and carvings of the god's goddesses on the pillars or several constructions especially temples which are a common characteristic of folk art and is equally credible. When talking about Kashmir, how can one forget the textile industry which produces Kashmiri shawls, that are not only famous all over India but are also in great demand in international markets. There has always been a misconception among people as they tend to link Kashmiri handicrafts with carpets only but in fact there is much more to Kashmir's handicrafts industry. There are different qualities available in the market to suit every pocket from as low as Rs 10 to as high as few lakhs. People can always find things here suiting their budgets.

Summing up, the arts and crafts of Jammu and Kashmir has recognition all over the world and everyone in the state is affiliated to this occupation in one way or another and is the major economic sector of the state.

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