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Food in Meghalaya

Cuisine of Meghalaya

A delight for non-vegetarian food lovers!

Quite exotic as compared to the food from India, Meghalayan cuisine is distinct and definitely worth its salt. Just like its topographical beauty, not many people are familiar with the food from this state. This is basically why Meghalayan food is appreciated only by people who stay or visit this region.

Pork is a staple item in Meghalaya and mostly cooked with fermented soya beans. Besides rice and pork, locals in this region are also fond of kwai, a local betel nut.

Garos cooking is marked with a generous use of indigenous soda in every dish, whether it is a pork dish or traditional nakham kappa. Khasis are very fond of pork and many times, this is made without oil and spices and prepared with fermented soya beans.

Other than pork, other important dishes that you can try here includes:

Bamboo and herbs: Another popular dish, bamboo shot is very popular in this state. sliced, fermented and sun dried, before it is cooked with ingredients including meat, a Meghalayan version of bamboo shoots also uses several regional herbs , including Jamyrdoh.

Dry fish: In Meghalaya, dry and fermented fish is used extensively to prepare a lot of dishes. The villagers have traditional ways of preparing dry fish. It is called Nakam in Garo hills and Tungtap in Khasi hills region. Roasting small fish on fire and then grinding it by using pestle and mortar is also a common practice. Dry chilly and onion are also added to enhance the taste of this dish.

Minil Songa: Another popular dish among the Garo tribe, this dish is basically a preparation made from sticky rice. Minil is a sticky rice which has a rich nutty flavour and delicate texture. To make Minil Songa, Minil rice is boiled in fresh bamboo and eaten as snacks.

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