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Bird Watching With Breakfast At Sattal

Bird Watching with Breakfast At Sattal

Perfect for a quick, short break from the city.

Sattal is a wonderland for birding enthusiasts. Located 7 hours away from Delhi, this destination is the ideal place for birding enthusiasts to train their binoculars on the rich flora and fauna around the region.Surrounded by perennially snow-clad mountain peaks, dense pine and spruce forests, and slow-flowing rivers, we are giving you an opportunity to not just get up and personal with these winged creatures through a guided tour, but also enjoy a hearty breakfast in the company of like-minded people. You can also check into V Resorts Sattal to be close to all the action.

Who Is It For?

Everyone, especially if you love birding and want to spend your morning enjoying the company of various types of birds, stroll along nature trails, and live the simple life that makes urban mayhem seem miles away. Plus, with incredible views, you will have very little to complain about, we promise.

What’s On The Plate?

The bird-watching with breakfast will include a locally-inspired breakfast and a guided tour of upto 5 hours.

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V Resorts Sattal

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