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Bhedaghat tours

Explore Bhedaghat

By the banks of river Narmada.

Located around 20 kms from Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur city, Bhedaghat is defined by the Narmada river and is famous for its marble rocks and Dhuandhar Falls. The sunlight sparkling on the pellucid waters is indeed a really magical sight. These white rocks with views of black and dark green volcanic seams is an unforgettable sight, which is best experienced in the night.  Another popular spot in the city is the Chausat Yogini Temple, which is visited by a number of devotees, every single day.

Marble Rocks - Situated along a portion of the Narmada river, these marble rocks attract tourists from all over the world. Over the years, the river has carved the soft marble, creating a beautiful gorge of about 8 km in length. This local marble is then mined and carved into various figures that are then transported all over India. Many bollywood movies, including Shahrukh Khan starrer Asoka have been shot at this scenic location.

The surrounding area has many activities for tourists. You can take a cable car across the gorge, row boats for guided tours of the river downstream of the falls, and numerous small shops filled with local items made from the materials sourced locally.

Dhuandhar Falls - As the Narmada river swiftly paves its way through the beautiful Marble rocks, its reaches a culmination point where it narrows down and plunges into a waterfall, which  is popularly called the Dhuandhar Falls. In fact, the plunge, which creates a bouncing mass of mist, that is so powerful that its roar is heard from a far distance.

You can access the Dhuandhar waterfalls from both the east and west bank of the Narmada river. If you want to see the Dhuandhar falls from the other side, you need to take the cable car service, available at the entrance gate of Bhedaghat. The ropeway facility from the eastern bank of the Narmada river, crosses the river and then drops you at the west bank of the river.

Charges for cable car service/ropeway facility: INR 85 per person

Timings: 12 PM - 12 AM {closed from  1.30 -2.00 PM}

Chausath Yogini Temple: Dedicated to goddess Durga, the Chausath Yogini Temple was built in the 10th century and is home to intricately designed stone figures of deities that belonged to the Kalchuri period. This temple has a distinct resemblance to the temples of Khajuraho in structure,this temple was partially destroyed by Mughal invaders, though it is still a testimony to the awe-inspiring architecture of that period.  

This temple is located on a hill, and one has to climb nearly 150 steps to reach the main shrine. The complex of the temple has 64 shrines in circular motion, with one for each yoginis and a main shrine where the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are placed.

Although the design is simple, this is one temple that leaves you completely mesmerised.

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