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Assamese Food

Assamese Cuisine

Simple food that is sure to win your hearts!

What truly sets the cuisine of Assam apart from the rest of the country is that fact that it focuses on the simplicity of all its recipes. Offering a host of exotic dishes that go much beyond masor tenga (a tangy fish curry), Assamese food is largely dependent on herbs, rather than spices. This may seem like an anomaly, given that bhoot jolokia (ghost pepper) is a native of Assam and is one of the hottest chilies on the planet.But that being said, this chili is used very less in the cuisine of the state, because the emphasis still remains on subtle flavour, which completely complements the stunning landscapes present in the state.

Some of the main dishes that you have to try in this state include the following:

  1. Assamese Thali - A traditional Assamese thali is based on fresh and unusual herby flavours. You will be spoilt for choices with dishes that include the popular masor tenga (fish in a sour gravy), khar (a vegetable preparation made by using dried banana skin), meat dish (chicken or duck), kharoli (a paste made from mustard seeds), bamboo shoot chutney and Assamese aloo pitika (mashed potato). In desserts watch out for the kheer, which is also called Assamesepayox.
  2. Duck Curry: The only trick with duck meat is ensuring that is cooked properly. In Assam, duck meat is a delicacy that is cooked with ash gourd and whole spices, which in turn give it a distinctive flavour. It is also cooked with other ingredients like sesame, pumpkin, lentil and is usually served on special occasions.
  3. Khaar: A meat delicacy from Assam, khaar is made from raw papaya, pulses and taro along with a non-vegetarian item, generally fish or chicken. These items are filtered through dried banana leaves, which gives it a unique yet refreshing taste. It is normally served with rice, during lunch.
  4. Pickles: Usually home made, pickles are an essential element in all Assamese meals. Made from a variety of different ingredients that include bamboo shoot, beef, tomato, chicken, and dried fish, these pickles are an instant hit with both locals and tourists.
  5. Aloo Pitika: A simple side dish that is generally served along with rice and dal, aloo pitika is local favourite. Made with mashed potatoes along with mustard oil, coriander and salt, it is generally served during both lunch and dinner.

PS: Don’t forget to indulge in some tea here, because Assam has some of the best teas, available not only in the country, but the planet as well.

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