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Tadoba National Park

Wild as the Marathas

Located on the eastern side of the state of Maharashtra, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the prominent national parks in the country and the central Indian region, flooded by the several others in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh and the biodiversity hub of the Western Ghats.

The park is located about 150 km south of Nagpur which also serves as the nearest railway and airway hub for tourists visiting the park.

The name 'Tadoba' or as the locals call it- “Taru”, holds its significance to an old folklore according to which Taru, the village chief was killed by a tiger in an encounter and a shrine was made in his honour.

The national park is open all seven days of the week for visitors from mid-October to the end of June every season. A large part of the forest has a hilly terrain and covers the Chimur Hills, the Moharali and the Kolsa ranges. 


Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Centrally Wild

Tadoba national park is more than just the forests. Adjoining streams and rivulets all add to the charm of this Central Indian Tiger Reserve. 

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is home to a wide array of flora and fauna that bless the area with their diverse presence. Jackals, leopards, hyenas, bears and many more animals reside in its jungle. Chief among the fauna off course is the magnificent royal bengal tiger. 

Erai Dam and Tadoba Lake

The Not So Eerie Erai

Other than providing the animals with a central access to water during the summer and winter months, the large Tadoba lake and the Erai Dam at the heart of the tiger reserve also opened its doors to boating to promote tourism in the area. 

The dam is located across the Erai river and is 1620m long. The reservoir, known better as the Tadoba Lake, has a water storage capacity of 226500 cu km. In the summer months, tourists can often find several animal species, including the tiger, cooling off in the reservoir's waters.


Jewel of Vidarbha

Heaven for the nature-lovers, and often called the 'Jewel of Vidarbha', the hamlet of Khosla is a must visit while visiting Tadoba. Indulge in nature and wildlife photography, interact with the local villagers, or simply take a stroll into the quaint quietude that is disturbed only by the sounds of the wild residents of the surrounding forests.

Other Local Attractions around Tadoba

Temple this temple that!

The region around Tadoba Tiger Reserve also houses several temples & churches of great significance to the local communities. Ayyappa temple, Shiv Mandir, Durga Maa temple are places frequented by the local Hindus whereas the St. Michael Church is the Christian parallel. 

how to get there

Located in the heart of central India, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is well connected to the rest of the country by a wide network of national and state highways. The best way to get to Tadoba is to take a train or flight in to Nagpur and catch a taxi from there to Tadoba. 

By Air: Nearest Airport is in Nagpur, 138 kms

By Train: Nearest Railway Station, Nagpur, 146 kms

By Road:

Nagpur to Tadoba: 140 kilometres via NH44

Hyderabad to Tadoba: 444 kilometres via NH44

Raipur to Tadoba: 365 kilometres via NH53

Jabalpur to Tadoba: 427 kilometres via NH44

Bhopal to Tadoba: 495 kilometres via NH47

Aurangabad to Tadoba: 510 kilometres via Aurangabad-Nagpur Road

when to visit

Although the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve remains open from October to June every season, the best time to visit and catch more than a glimpse of the Reserve's tigers is in the hotter months from April to June. Given the high temperatures, it is during these months when the tigers come out of the interiors of the forest in search of water. 

Local cuisine

Vidarbha Cuisine

Color Me Orange!

Known as the Orange belt of the country, the Vidarbha region around Tadoba and Nagpur is a delight for all things Organes.

In the traditional diet, dry coconut and peanuts are used commonly in dishes such as the spicy local savjis, as well as in mutton and chicken dishes. On the sweet side, shrikhand or amrakhand are ofthen the happy endings to most meals, and if one wants to go a notch unorthodox, the orange barfis and laddoos offer a unique tasting experience. 

Local Shopping

Shopping around Tadoba

Locally Yours

One of the most involving parts of any holiday is shopping. Shopping in Tadoba may not be a thing of your dreams but the town offers you a wide spectrum of indigenous handicrafts to fill your shopping trolley. Located at a distance of almost 140 kilometres, Nagpur offers you a more urban shopping experience.

One might not find any elaborate shopping options in Tadoba but roadside kiosks that selling intricately crafted pots and handicrafts are worth more than a mention. The road connecting the National Park has plenty of such stalls and shacks. 

Nagpur is the major city and shopping destination near Tadoba, where one can buy everything under the sun, from local artefacts to the the more commonplace apparels, trinkets and souvenirs. Popular markets within Nagpur include Residency road, Sitabuldi, Sadar Bazaar, WHC road and Dharmpeth and others. Known as the Orange City, Nagpur is also famous for its seasonal oranges.

City Map

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