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A hidden gem in Rajasthan, India

An offbeat destination in the royal state of Rajasthan, Ghanerao which is located almost 10 hours away from Delhi, makes for an ideal weekend getaway. Whether you are looking to escape the urban chaos or just want to enjoy some exemplary Rajasthani hospitality, without the touristy crowds, Ghanerao Rajasthan has you  sorted. Plus, it is located close to popular destinations like Udaipur (2 hrs away) and Kumbhalgarh (1 hour away), which means that there is always something new waiting to be explored here.

Situated in the heart of Ghanerao are V Resorts Jungle Lodge and Royal Castle, both of which are great bases to help you explore this town. As far as heritage stays go, V Resorts Royal Castle is both traditional and modern. There are manicured lawns, aesthetically renovated rooms keeping in mind modern sensibilities, in-house temples and even a swimming pool. You can also check out Jungle Lodge which is located just a short distance away from Royal Castle and makes for an ideal base, especially for travellers who want to explore the area around Kumbhalgarh.


Kumbhalgarh Fort

A fort where royalty still resides

Located 80 kms north of Udaipur, on the westernly range of the Aravali range, the Kumbhalgarh Fort was constructed in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, who ruled Mewar during this period. Although he built 32 forts during his entire lifetime, the Kumbhalgarh Fort remains the most popular one, and has remained undefeated as no outside army was able to lay claim to it.

Without doubt, one of the most flamboyantly built fort, the entire area includes more than 360 intact and ruined temples, (some of which go back as far as the 2nd century BC when the Mauryan empire ruled India), along with palaces, gardens and stepwells and close to 700 cannon bunkers.

#VResortTip: Exploring the fort is a full day affair, especially if you want to check out the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. If possible, make sure you stay till evening as there is a light and sound show that takes place at 6: 45 PM.  The show depicts the history of the fort and is a great way to understand the rich and royal culture of the Rajput kingdom. Narrated in Hindi, the show is organised by the Rajasthan State Government Tourism Department and the fort stays illuminated for one hour, post the show.

Time for show: 6:45 - 7:30 PM (daily)

Price: INR 75

Ranakpur Temples

For lessons in design and maybe, inner peace.

Located a little over half an hour from Royal Castle, Ghanerao, the Ranakpur temple is undoubtedly one of the most majestic Jain temple in the entire country. The temple was built by a wealthy Jain business named Dharma Shah in the 15th century, under the patronage of Rana Kumbha, who was the Rajput ruler during this period. According to local legend Dharma Shah had a celestial vision, post which he wanted to build a temple in honor of Adinath, the founder of the Jain religion. When Dharma Shah approached Rana Kumbha with his plan, the king not only gave him land to construct the temple but also advised him to build a township near the site. This is why the town was named  Ranakpur after the King Rana Kumbha.

The temple is said to have cost close to INR 10 million and took nearly 50 years to complete. The entire building is covered with delicate lace-like carvings and geometric patterns, that are visible in all the  four major temple complex namely the Chaumukha Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Amba Mata Temple and Surya Temple, all present within the main complex.

Distinguished for its architecture, Ranakpur Temple was also voted amongst the top 77 wonders of the World. The religious intensity and stunning architecture of the temple have for many years attracted travellers from around the globe, thereby making it an important tourist attraction in the area.

#VResortTip: While Ranakpur temples are no doubt unmissable on your trip to Ghanerao, India make sure you also stop at Muchala Mahavir Temple, which is located close to the resort. 

Take A Safari At Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild encounters lurk around every bend of the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary

Do you think that Rajasthan is a completely arid, with no greenery? Well a safari at Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, located in Ghanerao India is just what you need to change your mind. Home to chausinghas (four-horned antelopes), leopards, panthers and sloth bears, the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary is an experience that all travellers, especially wildlife enthusiasts will truly cherish. With a beautiful yet unique diversity, make sure a safari to the park figures on your itinerary.

Spread over a total area of 610 square kilometre, this park was once the hunting grounds of the royals, and  was eventually  declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1971. The eastern part of the park is dominated by the Aravalli range, and covers parts of Udaipur, Pali and Rajsamand districts. Its eco-region is that of Kathiawar-Gir dry deciduous forests, with multiple small rivers like Sukdi, Mithdi, Sumer and Kot, situated in various parts of the park.



Meet the local artisans and tribes of Ghanerao

Learn something new!

Many cities are connected by threads. Some filaments help bridge the present to the past, while some have been severed, others will slowly disappear and yet others are new, still be woven. Sadri village, which is located near Ghanerao in Rajasthan, India is one such place where you can interact with local artisans of the state. Watching them work is a complete experience in itself, every part of their creation, immortalising both myth and history. Confused about what to buy? Click here to find out more.

If you are a photographer, make sure you bookmark this place for some truly amazing pictures that you can click of the rural villages here. This is a good place to get some amazing portrait shots of the people, belonging to these tribes/communities. 


Village Walk

A stroll down the lanes of Rajasthan

There are many small villages around Ghanerao that are ideal for not just an evening stroll, but also for understanding the manner in which local communities in India function. Whether you want to enjoy a one-on-one conversation with local artisans or just soak in the authentic flavour of the region, a village walk is a truly unmissable affair.


Spot some avian wonders

The area around Ghanerao is a great place for birding enthusiasts to spot some new and unique bird species. Since this region is home to multiple species of birds, many of which can be seen flitting about the low canopy, this is a great way to connect with nature.

Some popular birds that you can spot here includes peacocks, doves, red spurfowl, parakeet, golden oriole, grey pigeon, bulbul, dove and white breasted kingfisher. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen and binoculars.

how to get there

  • Road –Delhi – Jaipur – Ajmer – Beawer – Bhim – Gomti – Charpuja – Desuri – Ghanerao– towards Muchala Mahavir Jain Temple (610 Km)
  • Udaipur – Nathduara – Rajnagar – Gomti - Charpuja – Desuri – Ghanerao -Muchala Mahavir Jain Temple (127 Km)
  •  Udaipur – Gogunda – Sayra – Ranakpur – Sadri - Ghanerao (118 Km)
  • By Rail – Mumbai / Delhi / Jaipur – Falna (41kms) / Udaipur (118 kms) then by road
  • By Flight – Udaipur Airport (118 KM)

when to visit

October to February is the best time to visit Ghanerao. Avoid planning your trip here during the summer season (April-June) as it can be difficult to step out, due to high humidity and temperatures. 

Local cuisine

Cuisine of Ghanerao

Tasty, delicious and homely!

The food served in Ghanerao is an extension of the Rajasthani cuisine. While you cannot go wrong with dishes Dal Bhatti and Laal Maas, the number of restaurants around the region is pretty limited, which is why it is best to dine in the resorts. Also, since Royal Castle is the ancestral home of the royal family, we are sure that the food served here will be homely and delicious.

Packed your bags? Well book you stay at V Resorts Royal castle here and V Resorts Jungle Lodge here. You can also check out other resorts here

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