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Konkani Delight

An ideal weekend getaway for folks from Mumbai and Pune, Alibaug is popular for its white & clean sandy beaches, lush green farms and a coastal Konkani cuisine that fills the palate with an abundance of flavors. 

Located about 100 km south of Mumbai, Alibaug was originally developed as an important naval base of the Maratha dynasty. The town has a number of serene beaches and is especially known for its comfortable weather along with thick coconut groves. Although known as a place to either relax or unwind with friends at a holiday home, the Mandwa Jetty, located about 30 kms from Alibaug offers a rare array of the most happening restro bars in the area. 


Konkan Beaches

A book is all you need

The Konkan belt gives you some of the finest beaches in India. There are popular and sought-after ones like Alibaug, where you might even bump into a celebrity, with the city being home to numerous farmhouses owned by them, including actor Shah Rukh Khan. There are many surrounding beaches too popular among tourists and locals. It takes about two hours by ferry to reach Alibaug Beach from Mumbai.  

Then there are quiet ones at offbeat destinations like  Murud and Diveagar. You may not find large groups of tourists walking along the Murud Beach and that is exactly why you may like to head for it. Visit Murud Beach essentially when you are looking to lose track of time or run away the noise that city life represents, when you are looking to spend away your mornings and evenings sitiing by the beach, reading a book, doing nothing.

Murud Janjira

The Sea Fortress

The 15-century sea fortress has long dominated the skyline of the coastal village of Murud. Standing on an oval-shaped rock on an island in the Arabian Sea lies this magnificent fortress, considered one of the strongest  marine forts in the country.

The story behind the fortress goes like this. Centuries ago, some local fishermen built a small fort on a huge rock to seek protection against pirates, and named it Medhekot. However, when the Nizam Shahi Sultan of Ahmednagar came across the location, he got determined to capture the fort due to its wide area and strategic location. Following which, a sturdier and bigger fort was constructed by his generation of rulers. The fort is known to have been named after the Arabic word “jazeere”, meaning island. The fort today attracts tourists in search of an offbeat travel experience, or just about anyone looking for a quiet spot by a beach in Maharashtra. 

Kolaba and Other Sea Forts


Also known as Alibaug Fort, Kolaba Fort is a 300-year-old structure situated in the Arabian Sea. Once a chief naval station during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra, it's one of the most popular sightseeing locations for tourists travelling around Murud and Alibaug. Just 2 kms into the sea from Alibaug beach, the fort is accessible by boats and jetties. During low tides, it can even be reached by foot. 

The architecture and the view from the fort walls are quite intriguing. Cannons and carvings, artefacts and temples within the fort premises speak tales of the bygone era. The fort has been declared a nationally-protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) due to its historical importance.

Underi Sea Fort is another sea fortress in the region you might want to explore. Built as an extended part of the inland Khanderi fort, it is located 15 kms north of Alibaug.


Dining at Mandwa Jetty

No longer just a ferry tale

Ferrying tourists from the gateway of India in Mumbai, the Mandwa Jetty is often the gateway to the Konkan region for tourists not wanting to undertake the 3 and a half hour car ride. Located 20 kms north of Alibaug and another 48 kms from Murud, the Jetty has, over the past few years, gained popularity for a different reason. With new and swanky restro-bars being opened along the jetty, with the Arabian sea wrapping its calming arms all around them, the place is thronged by many from Mumbai and Pune to simply enjoy the new-found vibe of the region.

Important to note - the jetty and its restaurants remain shut during the monsoons. 

how to get there

Alibaug is well connected to other major cities in the region by road. Although a drive is the most commonly preferred travel route, a train journey, as well as a ferry ride from Mumbai to the Mandwa jetty, can be safely relied upon. 

By Air: Nearest Airport to Alibaug is Mumbai - 95 kms

By Train: Nearest railway stations to Alibaug are Roha (37 kms) and Panvel (47 kms)

By Road:

Mumbai to Alibaug - 96 kms via NH66

Pune to Alibaug - 141 kms via Mumbai Pune Highway

Murud to Alibaug - 50 kms via Revdanda Murud Rd

Goa to Alibaug - 576 kms via NH48

Hyderabad to Alibaug - 693 kms via NH65

when to visit

Weather in Murud being as pleasant as its white sandy beaches have the weather gods smiling brightly on the town all year round. While the monsoons mean the sea remains out-of-bounds from June to August, the rains compensate by make the region's green vibrance come alive. 

The temperatures in Alibaug range from a comfortable 15 degrees in the winters to a bearably warm 38 degrees in the peak summers.

Local cuisine

Konkani Cuisine

Coastal Delight

The Konkan cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines across India. While rice is the staple base of most dishes, it is generally paired with a palate of vegetables, fish, coconut and the most delicious array that the Arabian has to offer. Use of nuts especially peanuts and cashew nuts is also quite common in the cuisine, as are the hottest of spices of the region.

While no list can do justice to the culinary delights of the Konkan belt, here are some of the local delicacies we recommend one to gorge on - Kurkuron bombeel (crispy fried Bombay duck), Surmai / Pomfret fry, Kombadi-Wade with Chicken Curry, sol-kadhi (a tangy smooth appetiser), kelyache panchamrut (a sweet medley of bananas and vegetables), tisrya-che kavlan (clams in thick spicy masala), Javalyache Lonche (baby prawns), kelphoola-chi bhaji, (a Konkan favorite, made of banana flower), Jackfruit bhaji, Kaju Usal, Ambole (like Appam or thick sada Dosa) and Lord Ganesha’s favorite steamed delight, the popular Modak (made up of sugar / Jaggery and rice flour). 

Local Shopping

Shopping in Alibaug & Murud

She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore

No journey is complete until you take home some souvenirs to make your trip memorable. Therefore shopping is always a priority for every tourist. The local knick-knacks are the best things to shop for to take back home. You will find some really pretty Kolhapuri chappals in most of the local bazaars in Murud & Alibaug. Besides this, antique jewellery, junk jewellery and bags are items that you can check out. 

The tourists can go for street shopping in the city where various souvenirs are available at cheap prices. The chief shoppers stops in Murud and Alibaug comprise of shack and shops along the beach which sell local items ranging from apparels to sea shells and local artefacts.

Although not a typical shopping item, the local onions, or locally known as the Khandale Kande, are also popular given its special medicinal values. For sea food lovers, the township is nothing short of an absolute paradise. To take back with you, try and get your hands on the local prawn pickles. 

Raigadi bazaar, which is just about a kilometre away from the Alibaug beach, is the main market of the area! The place is populated with thousands of small and medium-sized shops with a variety of remembrancers on display. During holiday seasons and weekends, this bazaar area remains crowded with visitors throughout the evening. The prices are quite reasonable too. 

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