• What Does Your Luggage Say About You?

What Does Your Luggage Say About You?

Shantanu Yadav | February 10, 2017 | Featured | Comment |         |         |        

What Does Your Luggage Say About You?

Every traveller is unique. And so is their luggage. You can say a lot about the person, their travelling prefernces and even who they're travelling with, with a single look at their luggage. So we decided to take a look at some of the most commonly found types of travellers, and their luggage. These are our findings. Which one is yours?

The Family Package

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Travel for you is whatever you manage between juggling kids' nappies, their milk bottles, the alarming number of bags you carry, and checking off your list of places to go to in your family tour. Couple-time is hard to come by, and is usually spent shopping for trinkets and wind-chimes, but it is precious and cherished for its rarity, given how hectic family trips can be.

V Resorts you're likely to visit: Some place where kids are allowed and family places with adventure sports are aplenty. We recommend V Resorts Rajaji National Park

The Explorer

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Traveling for you is an adventure- a new trail to be trekked, a new rock to be scaled, another rickety road to be biked upon. The truckload of expensive gear you carry can bog you down, both mentally and physically, and can make you feel more like a mule than an adventurer. The thrill of meeting new people and conquering new challenges makes up for all the efforts, though, and gives you that adrenaline shot that you hope for.

V Resorts you're likely to visit: Anything new under the Sun that isn't crowded yet. We recommend V Resorts Mashobra Greens.

The Corporate Traveller

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You don't travel, you go on business trips. The best you can hope for is your conference or meeting to be somewhere where the views are great hospitality is a pleasure. You won't have much time to explore anyway; those sales pitched won't write themselves, would they? Tight schedules and itineraries have led you to develop an appreciation for small joys and good liquor.(Delhi Farm)

V Resorts you're likely to visit: You hope for a good resort, for the destinations themselves can't be helped much.We recommend V Resorts Farm Stay Delhi

The Honeymooners


All is hunky-dory in your paradise, and little, if anything, can change that status. You're not likely to be big on sightseeing, as more important things are sure to keep you busy (read: the title). You intend to be preoccupied with each other, and would hate to be distracted by car honks and street hawkers. (Kullu )

V Resorts you're likely to visit: Any place beautiful that will let you two be on your own. We recommend V Resorts Kullu.

The Bohemian


Your travels are getaways, though you can call them trips, if you get the drift. Crowded family beaches make your insides squirm, so does the noise of a city. You like the quiet of obscure places, and the innumerable opportunities that present themselves in such places. The obvious 'Bob Marley-fan' cliché aside, your luggage usually comprises of the clothes on your back and something to prepare for the cold, along with the occasional ukelele or guitar.

V Resorts you're likely to visit: Lesser-known destinations with scenic beauty make your heart bounce, though you're also likely to look for good food and cheap accommodation. Little else is required, as you're likely to be on your feet a lot, or be be found in your room.  We recommend V Resorts Bohemian Masala Varkala

The Luxury-Seeker


You travel not just for the experience, but for the photo opportunities too; there's your Instagram to look after! You know no half measures: your dresses bear the swankiest labels, you travel business class, you go to the finest destinations, and you always have the best seats in a ballgame. Obviously, being rich helps. But, you go the extra mile, seek one more nicety and do it in style.

V Resorts you're likely to visit: Fancy is the keyword here. It has to be pretty, top-of-the-pops, and offer fantastic backgrounds to click selfies in! We recommend V Resort Queens Meadows Ranikhet