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What Can You Do While You Are In Kotabagh?

While Kotabagh is a really beautiful place, people often complain about the lack of activity there. It is a small hamlet near Corbett National Park and Nainital. After all, it is a lazy little town in the district of Uttarakhand. Even though it is a cluster of 115 villages, and the people here are easygoing and relaxed. It may not match the pace of life in Delhi, but it does have a number of offbeat activities one can enjoy. Below is a list of interesting activities you can do while you are here.



Kotabagh is surrounded by hills, small rivers and forests. The hills around Kotabagh are ideal for trekking and camping. A hike up will make your muscles sore, but stronger than before. Also, it’s a great way to explore the forests, and the fresh air, away from the city. There you are bound to spot a variety of birds and flora. Walk around, in-between villages, and get to experience a new way of life.


Having a creative block on your photography skills? A weekend away in this beautiful hamlet will open your mind to new ideas and amazing creativity. What with all the nature’s beauty, hills and forests and diverse range of flora and fauna! You might even get new subjects to click.

Write/ sketch

There’s a reason why Ruskin Bond never left Mussorie but can write stories which make us go on an internal trip. A secluded place, away from the hustle bustle of the city is ideal to get out those stories you have been wanting to write. You can work in peace, far from the maddening crowd. Also, there would be a lot of stories to write or lot of views to sketch in such a beautiful and happy place.

Explore the flora and fauna

flora fauna
Kotabagh is famous for its diverse range of flora and fauna. Don’t believe? Look around It has a very versatile species of plants and animals. Naturalists visit this place to explore more kinds of such species and observe their lives. There are many national parks in and around Kotabagh such as the Sitabani Reserve and the adjoining, Jim Corbett National Park, where you can go to see particular wildlife’s animals.

Kick back and relax!

Getaways are made for chilling and relaxing, man! So grab a beer (or soda), put on your comfortable clothes and sit back in peace. Get lost among the beauty of nature. Forget about your daily life. Take in the views, breathe fresh air and indulge in some introspection. Just live in the moment while you are there!

With this, we wish you have an amazing trip to this beautiful place and come back feeling rejuvenated and relaxed! Happy travelling!

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