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Visit Villages To Generate Revenue

Team V Resorts

May 20, 2016

We believe tourism will go a long way towards contributing to the economic growth of rural India. Our resorts, located at offbeat places, are set up near small towns or villages, away from the noise of busy tourist destinations. Pristine and untouched by the urban chaos, every village across the 12 states offers a glimpse into a distinct lifestyle, food and culture. For the discerning and evolved traveler who has a thirst for getting acquainted with an India he/she has not seen, a visit to the neighbouring villages offers an opportunity to uncover new facets of the country. For the village community, it is a chance to showcase their life, get acquainted with ideas from across India, and most importantly, earn money. Guests are taken on tours, shown across the village, where they interact with families, listen in on stories, partake in the activities such as doing chores, milking the cow etc, and also sample the food from their homes. The fee taken from the guest is given to the villager.
This kind of interaction further motivates the villagers to take care of the environment and keep it green and clean. This, they realise, works in attracting tourists. Village visits are an integral aspect of a V Resorts holiday, and a large number of our destinations have them.

Amidst the quiet hills of Pauri lie little villages, tucked between forests and snow peaks. They exhibit the Himachal Pradesh culture in its quintessential form. Their clothes, homes as well as food tell interesting tales of a culture that is otherwise diluted by modernatisation. V Resorts Pauri organises village lunches for guests where they get a chance to savour local cuisine in a rural household. The revenue which we earn by hosting such meals is shared with the villagers.

Near the famous Jim Corbett Park, and living in harmony, sometimes, other times conflict with animals of the park, the villagers of Sonjala in Kotabagh have stories that would make any book a bestseller. Visit the haveli in the village. Taste authentic Kumaon cuisine prepared by the village folk, get a peek into their daily lives. You can learn how to cook the regional delicacies too.

Discover a slice of rural life in this part of Rajasthan, a few kilometers away from the resort. The local communities here include the Gujjars, a tribe traditionally used to a nomadic lifestyle. In recent decades, however, they have been leading a more settled existence. Join us for a trip to a Gujjar village, and get a glimpse of an authentic village community — receptive to a changing India and yet in touch with their customs and traditions. Hear the villagers’ stories over a cup of chai.

Take a guided tour to the neighbouring village, soak in the mellow pace, and get a first-hand experience of the everyday life in Kumaon hill village. Visit the local craftsman's homes, and see them at work. Walk to Badhan – 1.5km, away or Pantkotli, which is 1.5km away. When tired, have tea at a villager's house.

The thick forests of Madhya Pradesh are home the indigenous Gond tribe. It is one of the communities that still stays true to its ancestry. Visit their village, you will be surprised at how planned the architecture of the little mud homes are, get a guided tour to their homes and Gond art forms depicted on the walls. You can sample the food, which is basic and simple. The resort also runs programs like – "Be the Villager" wherein interested guests actually taking part in their daily chores and in return helping them monetarily.

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