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Celebrating Valentine’s day in Goa? Here are offbeat destinations V totally recommend

Priya Chaudhary

February 9, 2018

It's Valentine's Day today! If you always thought that Goa is a place better explored with friends, think again. Because beyond its beaches and booze, there are hidden trails, islands, haunted churches and waterfalls perfect for celebrating the bond you have with your significant other. How about a visit to one of the hidden islands of Goa or an isolated and striking waterfall away from the civilisation? Or may be watching the sunset from a secluded fort or quiet beach?

And if you want to escape the world with your partner by your side, read on to know about some offbeat destinations in Goa. Take your pick, pack your bags and 'elope' with the person who holds your heart.

Divar Island, Goa

Since we are talking about 'eloping', how about a place where you get disconnected from the rest of the world? Divar island in Goa is the place for you. Located just 12 kms from Panaji, a ferry from Old Goa or Narwe will take you to this island dotted with beautiful homestays, Portuguese villas, small bars, temples and churches. Stroll along the village and spend some time in the quaint temples, churches and the small-yet-lively bars.

P.S: Don’t forget to try Urak, a lighter version of Feni. The bars here have a knack for serving some of the best urak. Also, every fourth Saturday of August sees the celebration of Bonderam on this island. A carnival-like atmosphere engulfs the entire island as people come together to have a mock fight.

Corjuem Fort

Located in Corjuem Island, 4 kms from the village of Aldona, is a fortress that has stood the test of time and will be a witness to the special bond you share with your significant other. While both Aguada and Chapora Forts are immensely popular, this one will serve as the perfect backdrop for your long strolls and those Instagram-worthy photos. Or you can just sit here and soak in the views of the river and land in front of you.

The Portuguese rebuilt it and fortified it to avoid any further invasions by armies of other states. Want to hear an interesting story behind the fort? A brave woman by the name of Ursula e Lancastre disguised herself as a man to go around the world and explore it without any inhibitions and restrictions. 

However, she ended up as a soldier by the end of her adventure and was posted at this fort. After a brief time, her disguise was discovered when she was caught as a prisoner of war.

Thus, the walls of the fort have many legends and stories to tell. A vantage point atop the fort gives you stunning views of lush greenery all around. While the structure is a little dilapidated, it still makes an interesting spot to spend some ‘us’ time with your loved one. 

Harvalem Waterfalls

The western and southern India has no dearth of waterfalls and if you have only heard about the popular ones like Jog falls, it is time to update your bucket list and add this hidden waterfall to it. Harvalem Waterfalls is often compared to Dudhsagar and for a good reason. The cascading waters of this waterfall, along with its charming setting in a secluded area, makes it a good hideaway spot for you and your partner.

An added attraction of this place is an old temple and rock cut caves adjacent to the waterfall. Are you also thinking a romantic date in the caves? Keep it simple because the setting will do the job of wooing your partner and making them fall for you all over again.

Three Kings Church

Basilica of Bom Jesus has its own charm and allure, but have you ever heard about the Three Kings Church? In the quaint and old village of Cansaulim in South Goa is this church, known for its spooky legends. Yes, it is supposedly a haunted church and there is an interesting story behind it.

There lived three kings back in the days when Portuguese ruled Goa. All of them fought hard to earn the control of the land. In his quest, one of the kings invited the other two for a gala dinner. But as the tale of that evening unfolded, it turned out he had poisoned the food killing both the kings, eventually gaining control of the land. However, the people of the land rebelled and the king, finally ashamed of his act, committed suicide by poisoning himself. Sounds like a George R R Martin plot? It is to an extent but here people do realize their guilt. This rarely happens in Game of Thrones, right?

They say the spirits of the three kings still haunt the church.

Coming back to why you should take your valentine here, there is spookiness, there are stories, and there is a setting that reminds us so much of GOT! Not bad for a date if haunted places give you kick.

Butterfly Beach

However, if ghoulish and gloomy places are not your idea of a romantic date destination and you would rather go to an isolated beach, head to Butterfly beach. One of the unexplored beaches of Goa, this won’t have any touristy crowd to take away from your intimate moments this Valentine’s day.

As the name suggests, you can see butterflies here but apart from these beautiful creatures, you have the opportunity to spot crabs and dolphins as well. The white powdery sands, stunning scenery and translucent waters make it an excellent place to take a break and just unwind with your significant other by your side. To reach the beach, you can either trek through the thick and lush forests surrounding it or take a boat from Agonda beach.