• Tips To Take Better Travel Photos Through Your Phone

Tips To Take Better Travel Photos Through Your Phone

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Tips To Take Better Travel Photos Through Your Phone

Travel has become synonymous with photography. Neither can exist without the other. And why not? What's the fun in experiencing something wonderful, going out into the world, if you can't share it with your friends, acquaintances, neighbours, their children, friends of friends, prospective partners, their friends, the friends to come? This list is endless. The best gift modern life has given us are these super smart phones, making it easier for us to carry it, click and share, without worrying about lugging an extra piece along.

But the phones have their limitations; the flash is incoherent, the limited resolution compared to a DSLR camera, the absence or very limited presence of manual features, smaller screens etc.

So, it'll only help to learn some tweaks and hacks that will instantly make your travel pictures pop, and help you be a better phone photographer. Your social media will look like a million bucks, and your friends and fans will love you for it.

So, here goes the list of hacks and techniques that we have very-scientifically compiled. Thank us later!

How To Be A Pro Mobile Photographer

Avoid Direct Sunlight


Always be careful about light. Ensure direct sunlight is not hitting the subject of your picture. It can make your image look blur and dark. The object will be attractive if it's brightly lit, with sunlight not directly falling on it. If you're shooting outdoors, try to shield the object with some form of shade, like an umbrella or a roof. Also make sure your camera is not directly facing the sun; it will kill your pictures.

Don't Overthink, Click!

dont overthing

Don't second-guess yourself, just capture the moment. Some moments are special and random and rare; they never come back, so capture them. Possibly make multiple clicks, starting from right before the actual moment. You always have an option with you to delete the picture if you don't like them.

Clean The Lens

clean lens

Credit- android central

You may not realize but a single dust particle on your lens can ruin your image. Before clicking make sure your camera lens is clean. Wipe and clean it with a cotton cloth. A lens will help you in clicking a clear, bright and sharp picture.

Read And Learn About Manual Functions

manual function

If you want to take your pictures to the next level, you must know all the functions and features of your camera. Learning tips manually can improve a quality of clicking pictures from android or iPhone. If your iPhone or Android smartphone camera has a manual mode, fiddle around with the HD Recording, focus, shutter-speed and other features to instantly click pictures that make you go “Wow!”.

Rule Of Thirds

rule of thirds

Rule of thirds is one of the first rules we learn in Photography. The rule basically says that you should divide your picture into three equal parts, both horizontally and vertically, thus dividing your picture into nine equal square; the subject should be placed on one of these vertical or horizontal lines. This will be a great help in better composition of your pictures.

Avoid Zooming

avoid zooming

Credit- droidsans.com

Never forget you are using smartphone not a DSLR so zooming will make your picture worse. Zooming in will blur out the image and make it look all kinds of dull and not-good. If you want your picture closer, you can always edit and crop it.

Try Different Styles

try different style

It's best if you think creatively about your images. Don't stick to one position or style. Don't pigeon-hole yourself to a particular style you're comfortable with. Try different styles, different perspectives and different ways to compose and frame an image. Shoot as much as you can and make your pictures talk. Think out of the box to create a new style, choose a background that will enhance your object.

Try Camera App


Credit- Wikimedia

Instead of using normal camera use different tools and apps to make a picture more attractive and cool. One big advantage of clicking with a smartphone is the many filters in the free camera apps, which would've otherwise cost a bomb if you were using a DSLR. Apps like VSCO, Retrica, B621 change ordinary pictures into beautiful images, in the bilk of an eye. Do consider photography tools like clip-on lenses, timers and spotlights; they are potential game-changers for a smartphone photographer.