• Things/Activities to do in Murud

Things/Activities to do in Murud

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Things/Activities to do in Murud

Murud, a sleepy town near Mumbai, surrounded by sea on three sides, has been the getaway for the rich and famous of Mumbai for years. It boasts of rolling hills into the sea, quaint fishermen villages, forts, intrigue, water sports, sea food and many opportunities to watch the sun rise and set into the sea. The area is versatile and rife with many activities that one can take experience. This little town has got a lot in store to offer to its visitors. The following are some of the activities that you can indulge in while you are at Murud.

Local Shopping


The place is good for local shopping for some unique indigenous ware. Look for Alphonso mangoes, the area is known for it, sea shells, dried fish, some Konkani masala.

Ferry Rides  


Another activity, which is a must do, is ferry ride. Go to the Murud beach, take a ferry to the Janjira Fort, you will be met by stunning views. You could wait it out there and wait for the sun to set. The fort is on an island, and gives views of the rolling hills and wild vegetation and fishermen village dotting the shores.

Scuba Diving


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There are certain spots in Murud, near Murud Janjira where you can go for scuba diving and deep-sea diving. With several institutes opening up near the location, equipped with certified instructors, it is now possible for people to take up the activity with ease. Exploring the beautiful life underwater is a great experience one needs to get during the holidays.



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Camping is a great activity to take up in Murud Janjira. The beautiful scene on the island is mesmerizing to look at. The open area is great at night, especially under the blanket of stars and when you get to sit with your friends around a bonfire and amazing food.



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Murud is a great place for photography lovers. With so many sights to capture through the lens, like the beautiful forts and beautiful carvings, nature photography is also a sought after activity here.

Enjoy The Beach


The area is teeming with beaches. Depending on your mood, you could opt to just relax by it, get into a local fisherman's boat and go around the water, marshy nooks and even fish. You could visit the famous Kashid beach, known for adventurous water sports, or go to the more mellow Murud Beach, 7km from the resort. Lounge by it, or engage in some water sports.

Watch Sunrise And Sunset


Sip tea while watching the sun go down at the Nand Gaon beach, 5 minutes from the resort, or walk up to the hilltop and watch the mellow sky change colours as the sun sets in the evening. Stunning views are promised.

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