• Things To Do While Vacationing At Rajaji National Park

Things To Do While Vacationing At Rajaji National Park

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Things To Do While Vacationing At Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park, thanks to it being one of the most underrated national parks in India, is still wrapped in an untouched, unadulterated serenity. Just don’t mistake it for a bland, calm sort of place. There are all sorts of activities for nature lovers, thrill-junkies and those seeking a quiet refuge. Here’s a list on some of the best things to do here, and that you shouldn’t miss. Check it out, bookmark it, and start jotting down your plans.



The park itself has over 400 species of endemic and resident birds, passage and migratory birds; while the whole region has in excess of 500 species of them. So, do we really need to make a case for why Rajaji, a green combination of deciduous forests, riverine vegetation and grasslands with scores upon scores of interesting bird species, is one of the best birding destinations in India?



With pretty nature trails running along seasonal streams and canals emanating straight from the Himalayas, and distinct types of vegetations, cycling is an oft-underrated activity that we definitely recommend for a fresh exploration of the park. Take your companions along and get going one early morning, for some wholesome physical activity.



While Rajaji is a tiger reserve, one of the youngest ones in India, it is most renowned for its elephants and large herds of chitals. Besides, there are many other species of deer like nilgai and barking deer, wild cats, scavengers like hyenas and jackals and foxes among many others. Be there to witness spectacle upon spectacle of wildlife.



With clear night sky, varied geological features like freshwater canals and hills and streams, many different types of vegetation, and startling numbers of flora and fauna, opportunities for photography abound. Equally numerous are the ways to fill your camera reel- safari, nature walk, cycling, birding trips, and so on. Pick and choose, just don’t forget to carry a camera along.



The morning air is as fresh as it gets anywhere in India. Needless to say, yoga is an activity that you should be doing here, if you already aren’t. Trust us, more than the health aspect, you’ll enjoy the fresh experience.

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