• Things To Do In Ramgarh

Things To Do In Ramgarh

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Things To Do In Ramgarh

Serene, still green, offbeat, Ramgarh (not the one of movie Sholay fame) is quietly hidden between hills and still retains its natural self, away from the touristy eyes. This hill station in Uttarakhand boasts of magnificent view of the snowy Himalayan range, fruit orchards, a mellow pace of life and . mountains has stilas a small holiday destination .The place is not only popular for mountains, hills snow, Himalaya, and temples but also the well-known destination for many adventurous activities. The one who is a culturally-rich experience. Go here for a getaway, but also go here for lots of activities it offer. Below are a few we recommend.



Carry a fishing rod and proceed to the Golu River, a few kms away from the hamlet. Try your skills at catching fish (only after you take permission), spend a few pleasant hours, with the Himalayas forming a magnificent backdrop. Think, introspect, and just leave all your worries behind. Your city life will be a distant memory.



The Kumaon region is perfect for trekkers who like the unadulterated experience and thrill of discovering themselves through traversing mountain paths. Undertake a calm trek to the Tagore Top, a 1km from the town. Pass by the little hill houses and mountain villages, take in the aroma of their everyday life. For a more energising experience, opt to trek to steep climb to the Mahadevi Verma Library 2km away.The lush green forest, wind and Himalayan view offer a great view while trekking.



Sleeping under the star-filled sky, surrounded by the woods, with the sound of nature for company,how does that sound? Well, that’s a quintessential camping experience in Ramgarh. You can opt to camp in the woods, or on the bank of river Kosi, you can set a camp with family, friends or with your partner, it's an experience to remember.

Rock Climbing


It’s a great place for some amateur rock climbing. Don’t expect adrenaline adventure, but attempt the mellow hills, through orchards. Make sure to carry your rock climbing gear.

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