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Love handmade products? Here are 4 things to buy from artisan villages in Ghanerao

Mary Martina

February 5, 2018

There are deserts and palaces, arts and artisans. A journey through the western state of Rajasthan can be unforgettable in more ways than one. Talking of art, a small area in Rajasthan is occupied by a village called Ghanerao. Apart from being a beautiful offbeat location for backpackers, thrill-seekers, or just any traveller in search of some peace, the village, located near Kumbhalgarh Fort, boasts of having a truly incredible artistic base. There are a number of artisan villages located in and around the place. Inspired by myths, Rajput history, tribal folktales and nature, the various art forms here are showcased across products like metals, apparels, and stones. Visit Ghanerao and look out for these three handmade products offered by the artisanal communities:


At Ghanerao, you can watch villagers put together pile after pile of beautiful earthenware. We say try your hands at the art of pottery-making yourself {you may not succeed the first few times, though}, and then maybe join them for a cup of chai and a few rounds of hookah at the end of an exhausting day.

They say it was after the first potter Rudrapal, that the clan of potters came to be recognised as Kumbhars. It may be interesting to know that pottery has a long lineage with fragments found in Kalibanga of the Harrapan Civilization dating back to the 2500 BC. Moreover, they say potters were created by Lord Shiva himself.

Where to buy: You can purchase earthenware directly from the villagers or can find a comprehensive collection at the market area. The best part is that you will find the pieces at an affordable price while feeling assured that the profits are going directly to the creator.

Rajput Miniature Paintings

The House of Ghanerao has also been patron to the artists producing unique Rajput miniature paintings. A School of Ghanerao Paintings is still functioning in the village employing local artists. Here you can understand the intricacies of the art and interact with the artists in a more personal manner. If you are in Ghanerao for a longer duration, you can of course enroll yourself for a class as well.

Where to buy: Rajput paintings are easily available all over Rajasthan. You can buy a few from the school, but if you head to Udaipur (2 hours from Ghanerao), you might find more options and variety.

Handcrafted Shoes