• Seven Places, Seven Catchphrases

Seven Places, Seven Catchphrases

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Seven Places, Seven Catchphrases

India is a vibrant country. Every place here has a distinct flavor, a characteristic that sets it apart from everywhere else. In some instances, the cultural quirk seeps into the language. In others, it is reflected in the food, the dressing, the lifestyle. In any case, here are seven catchphrases that you can only associate with these seven prominent places in india.

Delhi-Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai...

policeman in delhi

"Dilli Dil walo ki" is a city where everybody’s a VIP (or think themselves to be).“Tu Janata nahi Mera baap Kaun hai” is the first hook line that a child learns. You may not run the country, but that’s not important: you expect to be treated like you are. Come to the city where India’s most powerful people stay, and learn about power and authority.

Goa- Dard Zindagi Ne Diya Mitayaga "Goa"


Bachelor's world, how people said it to be...Sexy beaches for all kinds of persons, thrilling night life, extraordinary food, artistic afternoons and a treasure bay for every traveler. Life in Goa is somehow cheap. This place allows you to enjoy every experience, to live life on the crazy side.

Ladakh- Na hazaar hai na lakh, fir bhi umeed main hai "Ladakh"


Ladakh is treated as heaven by those who search for places of thrill and adventure. The thrill of riding your bike through the cold deserts of Ladakh lures tourists from the entire world. The bike tour towards Ladakh is truly one of the lifetime opportunities.

Lucknow- Tahzeebo ka Shaher


Lucknow also knows as the "City of Nawabs" has been at the forefront of art, cuisine, dance, culture and music of North India. Lucknow city always tells you ‘pehle aap’, 'after you' in English. Lucknowi people greet you with"Tezeeb", the supreme etiquette, but it is only when you visit the city that you will realize the extents. Lucknow also tells you the concept of eating, praying, loving. Lucknow is a city of mixed culture, and if you are yet to experience it, you should plan to visit 'Nawabi City'.

Rajasthan- Padharo Mare Desh


There's a lot to see in Rajasthan, Rajasthan wants tourist to stay for long and explore its forts, Havelis, lakes, shopping districts, its art and the remnants of royalty. Rajasthan is historically very rich, almost every city has a history here. For solo traveler, this is an ideal state.

Mumbai- Sapno ki nagri


Mumbai is known to have something for everybody. Lovingly called the City of Dreams, this is where every one comes with their dreams, to struggle to realize it. Mumbai offers a mixed environment from hills to beaches, with happening nightlife and glamorous lifestyle.

Pune -Tithe Kay Une, Pune


It's an old and famous Marathi saying, which says that we have almost everything in Pune. Residents believe there are no flaws in this place. Khandala and Lonavala these two-weekend spot makes Pune a very cheerful place to visit.