• Adventurous Activities In Sattal

Adventurous Activities In Sattal

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Adventurous Activities In Sattal

While Sattal, the lesser-known sibling of Nainital, is mostly known for the gorgeous natural views that it affords, and the bewildering biodiversity; the opportunities to get your adrenaline fix lie scattered everywhere here. From the seven lakes which are ideal for kayaking and boating in Sattal, to the pine and oak forests that cover the rolling hills hiding trekking trails, you will run out of time before you run out of things to do here. While we understand that, with some great places to stay in Sattal, the place wil tempt you to lay back and do nothing. But, do get yourself going, you won't regret spending many hours on your feet. To ease some pressure off your confused shoulders, here is a list of the best things to do in Sattal:

Kayaking and Boating


The seven interconnected lakes that give Sattal its name lend an ethereal charm to the place and are perfect for various activities. The Uttarakhand Government has made arrangements for boating and kayaking here, and there is no way you shouldn’t make use of them.



The gentle hills of lower Himalayas here, covered with pine and oak forests, hide many pretty trails to trek upon. The most famous trek is towards Subhash Dhara, a natural fresh water spring hidden in dense oak forests west of Sattal.

Birding (because, obviously!)


The cool climate of Sattal and its dense forest cover make for a lucrative wildlife habitat. No surprise then that more than 500 species of native and migratory birds are found here, making it one of the most famous birding destinations in India. So much so that many tourists visit here just to savour the colorful bird species.

Angling, if you’ve got the tools


The seven lakes of Sattal harbour a large variety of fish, unusual when compared to other lakes. A good idea to have a great vacation is to go fishing. Carry a fishing rod and go angling; if you’re practised and lucky enough, you’ll end up catching a few.

Rappelling and river crossing


Various operators of adventure activities in Sattal provide thrilling services like rappelling and river crossing. These activities have undergone the necessary safety checks and are government-approved. Make sure you cover them on your visit.