• Romantic Things To Do At V Resorts Sattal

Romantic Things To Do At V Resorts Sattal

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Romantic Things To Do At V Resorts Sattal

Travelling is in itself a romantic endeavour. Being with your loved one while you’re confronted by nature in all its glory and with all its limitless wonders can, at times, be too much for words to do justice to it. At a place like Sattal, which is so desirable for its solitude and pristine appeal, these romantic sensations that travel evokes, are only heightened. While we don’t claim to be any match for nature and its beauty, we at V Resorts Sattal have created certain experiences which will help you best enjoy your beloved’s company and enshrine those moments in a safe corner of your mind. Get here to revive that spark of romance, a second honeymoon, as they say, or ignite it in the first place.

1. Picnic by Subhash Dhara


Not far from Sattal, nature provided us a magnificent chance to create a memorable experience, and we did just that. We take our guests on a trek to Subhash Dhara, and offer a picnic lunch beside that freshwater spring. Not many more words to write about it here, see it to believe.

2. Outdoor tea on a boat

tea on  boat


Sorry to be a downer, but this isn’t about having tea on an actual boat floating on one of these lakes here. Nonetheless, this is an experience you’re bound to enjoy to no small measure. In one corner of the V Resorts Sattal premises is a small boat setup specially prepared for outdoor tea service (or picnic, if you so desire) to our guests. Have some tea and snacks here first thing in the morning while the morning breeze brings you back to your senses. Thank us later.

3. Bonfire and barbecue


While you may have enjoyed it a dozen times at a dozen places, enjoying bonfire and barbecue here is unlike any other. Sit around the fire with your loved one, humming mellow tunes, while our staff hands out piping hot snacks straight from the live grill.

4. Outdoor meal

outdoor meal

Now we know after a lot of activity (and there are plenty of them in Sattal), you’ll be left all sorts of hungry. We have taken care of that, and added a touch of romance to it with this unique experience of an outdoor dinner. Anywhere on our premises where you’d like to have your meal, we arrange an outdoor setup and dish out delectable servings of pure North Indian cuisine, some of them with local flavour. Enjoy this to the fullest, with the moon above, the valley below, and your beloved by your side.

5. Shopping


Shopping is one of those wholly primitive couple experiences, and rarely, if any, do people consider it worth being called a couple experiences. But visiting the secluded hilly mountains here will definitely be an experience. Shop for local artifacts along with fruits, candles and woolens, not far from the resort.


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Sattal resort

Duration : 02 Nights & 03 Days
Address : 10, Surya Gaon, Sattal Lake, Suriyagaon, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263136.

Itinerary :

Day 01
Check in to resort by afternoon.
Boating/River-crossing: Sattal is a popular boating and adventure destination. Choose between boating and river crossing, whatever suits you best, and get cracking. Return to the resort by evening.
Outdoor Meal: Enjoy an outdoor dinner, on a nice outdoor setup on the resort premises.
Sit-Out: The three private gardens in the resort provide magnificent views of the surrounding hills and the Sattal lake. Perfect for lazying around.

Day 02
Breakfast & Tea: Have a scrumptious breakfast to kick-start your day.
Trekking: This morning you will be taken for trekking. the seven lakes, surrounding rhododendron and oak forest and white mountains make Sattal a trekker’s paradise. Based on each traveler’s preference, there are clearly etched-out trails -- easy, moderate and challenging. Guides are provided.
Picnic lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch, in the midst of nature, with the captivating view of the lakes and the valley. Come back to resort by evening, dinner and overnight stay.
Shopping: Look out for local artifacts, woolens and candles at the nearby markets. Alternatively, check out quirky knick-knacks and supplies from the V Store at the resort.
Indoor games: Walk up to the activity room and try your hand at a game of pool, play cards, try painting or just go back to a good old game of Ludo. If you're feeling more active, try the outdoor sports on offer here.
Dinner: Have a delicious north Indian meal, inspired by the local cuisine of the area.

Day 03
Yoga: Early morning, opt to perform yoga in the fresh air of the gardens. With chirping birds and chilly morning air to soothe your soul.
Outdoor tea & breakfast: Have tea and breakfast at the outdoor setup, with scenic views for company.
After breakfast check out from the resort.