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Reviving Art and Crafts

Team V Resorts

May 20, 2016

A creative mine, each little corner of India has a different motif, a different heritage, a different fabric, tells a different story. Mostly hand-stitched together to form arts and crafts of India. At V Resorts, we believe in each piece, each handmade mojri or handwoven saree. And when we brainstormed to create new travel destinations, we could also showcase the hidden gems little India has to offer. We have integrated local shopping trips as experiences in the holiday. A win-win situation for both the traveler and the artist. The former gets to see artists at work, get the know-how of the intricacies, and then buy the product at a very reasonable cost. The villager, of course, gets a chance to sell without any middle man. Once the destinations become popular, growth of the region is a byproduct.
This apart, V Resorts makes sure the wares produced by the locals inside the resort are utilised. decorates each room with daris made by the local dari weaving centre and V Resorts Tigergarh Bandhavgarh keeps bamboo lamps made by artists in the nearby villages. Our ode to Make In India.

The discerning guest is encouraged to visit the homes of the Bidri artists while staying at V Resorts Etranger Mhaismal. A fast vanishing art, there are only two households that carry forward a tradition which goes back to the 14th century. This metal handicraft flourished in Aurangabad under the patronage of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Bidri is prepared by inlaying silver on a blackened alloy of zinc and copper. Traditionally, black mud is used to make it. But today, it’s in desperate need of support. Of course, this leads to some of our more discerning guests ordering more of the metal worked objects and we are confident that the Bidri art will revive and flourish as the trend catches on.

A saree-proud woman will, most probably, know of the rich handwoven paithani sarees. Made from fine silk and with zari patterns, it is one of the richest sarees of India. The guest in Mhaismal is taken to the saree weaving centres that line the Aurangabad- Mhaismal road. Here, you can get the know-how of the history and current techniques. And, of course, you can pick whichever saree takes your fancy.

For the curious traveller, there's a trip to Sikandra, a town some 50 km from V Resorts Sariska. Well known for its sandstone and marble figurines and artifacts, one can pick them up from the artists at reasonable rates.

Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh is famous for its fort, which has the second largest wall in the world, after The Great Wall Of China. But the region is also rich in culture, arts and crafts. Guests staying at V Resorts Lake Alpi Kumbhalgarh are taken to Molela village to experience the living terracotta tradition practiced by the master craftsmen taken. Situated in Rajasthatan's Rajsamand district by the river Banas, Molela has found a firm place on India's handicraft map because of its tradition of beautiful terracotta plaques.
The craft has been pactised by the local community for centuries. The idols' unique design and the clay used to depicts the gods have made the plaques popular far beyond Rajasthan. 

Ranakpur, Rajasthan
While staying at the picturesque , guests are taken on tours to the nearby Sayra village, which is also a centrifugal spot for Rajasthani handicrafts. A tour of the dari weaving centre and mojri workshops creates awareness about the art and the artisans behind them, and opportunities of growth and revenue.

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