• Places Of Interest In & Around Rajaji National Park

Places Of Interest In & Around Rajaji National Park

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Places Of Interest In & Around Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park, while being one of the most underrated wildife destinations in India, enjoys many gifts of its geography. A stone’s throw from the Himalayas, there are weather streams and canals, and being near Haridwar, there are ghats and temples aplenty, too. While you could easily be absorbed in the nature and wildlife for the entirety of your vacations, there are some great sightseeing locations around that no wise man should miss. To help you along, here’s a list of the best places to visit near Rajaji National Park:

Divya Prem Sewa Mission

divya sewa mission

Just about 16 km from the resort is the Divya Prem Sewa Mission, better known as leprosy ashram here. The mission is a bustling foster-home for kids with leprosy-ridden parents. Accompany fellow guests from the resort for the evening aarti, and share some joy with the kids over a game of cricket or just casual conversation. The experience will fill you with boundless positive energy.

Chilla Canal and Dam

chilla canal

Barely 200 metres from the resort flows the wide perennially freshwater Chill Canal, and a kilometre up is the Chilla dam built on it. While it is by no measure the biggest or the best there is, but their splendid locales- dense trees brimming with exotic birds, small villages in the distance, take its riches up a couple notches or several. It’s perfect for a particularly lazy, scenic evening or a fresh energetic morning.

Mansa Devi

mansa devi

With Haridwar in the vicinity, there was no way we were going to leave out a some great religious/ sightseeing spots off these lists. Mansa Devi, a popular Hindu shrine, is a temple located on the Bilwa hill of the Shivaliks and is considered a Siddha Peeth (temples known for fulfilling wishes), one of the three such Peeths in this region. While it is known for the picture-perfect complex atop the hill, you may visit here for the fun cable car ride to the temple and the many ‘langoor’ monkeys and the stunning views of the Ganga river and its ghats from here.
Also visit- Chandi Devi: While Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi are similar in almost aspects but for their names, Chandi Devi is closer to Rajaji, so may make more sense for some. Like the one above, Chandi Devi is also a hill-top Siddha Peeth temple, with steps and cable car rides leading to the top and great views of the Gangetic plains below.

Har ki Pauri

har ki pauri

One of the most important sites in one of the most improtant religious destinations in the country, Har ki Pauri is every bit the spectacle the world has made it out to be. While the feeling of Himalayan breeze blowing in your hair while you stand on the banks of a brimming Ganga, surrounded by devotees and sages in eclectic colors, is special in itself. But the best part about the place is the evening aarti of the river, which is a unison of pandits and gurus in a deluge of devotees. Believer or not, the raw, earthy spirituality of the event is an emotion endangered in this concrete world.

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