• Must Visit Markets In India

Must Visit Markets In India

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Must Visit Markets In India

There’s the world in India itself. Each nook and corner boasts of specialties, products, handicrafts, food, that would give any country in the world a run for its money. Shopping lovers can now forget Bangkok, India is the country to travel, discover and spend in. We did our research and decided to pick 6 cities, each of which has a unique shopping experience and has come to become synonymous with the destination. Read on.

1. New Market IN Kolkata


The New Market is said to be the largest shopping destination in East India. It is the oldest market in Kolkatta and with parts of its original red-brick structure intact, it also has historic significance. A very popular tourist destination, it does have its share of handicrafts touts. Ignoring them is a good idea. With 2500 outlets, including butcher shops, one can find everything – from leather, nuts, silver jewellery, artificial flowers, electronic products, precious metals, baby products - that can be possibly sold. But it is the place to go to if you are a saree aficionado, there is a huge variety of Kolkatta sarees under one roof. It also has bakeries, confectionaries that are world famous. Plus, hearsay is, the Kolkatta roll was born in the Nizams restaurant here.
Apart from the immersive shopping experience it provides, New Market is the cheapest place to shop in the city. You are bound to get the same stuff at double the price elsewhere. Also, if you are lost, don’t panic, hire a guide and find what you are looking for, and yes! do not forget to bargain.



Sarojini Nagar, also called SN, colloquially, is one of the trendy shopping hubs for the Delhi youngsters. The clothes market is a revelation, fashion-conscious college-goers come here, so do working professionals, and the fashion glossy stylists. You want to take a live tutorial on the latest trends, and then immediately buy. This is the place to be. If you have the skill of patience, you will find export surplus and rejects of high street brands such as Zara, Mango, Armani, ONLY and more. It is shut on Mondays, only cash is accepted and remember to take your bargaining skills along.



Why would you go to the Anjuna Flea Market? Because it has an interesting history, it is Goa redefined, and has a vibe that you will, probably not see anywhere else. Started by the hippies as a commodity exchange market, it has now transitioned into a space where Goa comes alive – there is food, handicrafts, tattoo shops, piercing corners and live music – not to forget the amalgamation of people, hippies, tourists, youngsters, Russians, Europeans. Let us clearly tell you Anjuna is an experience, not a shopping treat. That’s not to say, you won’t finds steals, the last trip I made there, I picked up rich zari embroidery bedcovers at nearly-nothing price, and a papier mache lamp, available in Delhi at nearly triple the price.



The vibe is busy, it is in South Mumbai and the street is emblematic of the pace Mumbai is known for. The flea market is what we think you should focus on. Starting from Café Mondegar, it has stalls ranging from junk jewellery, custom-made souvenirs, and antique products for home, clothes, accessories and even footwear. The stuff is contemporary, fashionable-trendy and always an edge over what you get everywhere else. Make sure to bargain.



Johari Bazaar, as the name suggests, is where you should be if you want to buy authentic Rajasthani jewelry items- lac bangles, silver jewelry. The market has become a trusted hang for locals and tourists alike who wish to buy cheap traditional jewelry that is heavy on variety but not cost. Apart from jewelry you can also find pieces of Kundan and Minakari here. If you’re looking for something more, you can also find great tie-and-dye sarees and other kick-knacks here. Johari Bazaar is an excellent way to burn calorie as you have to walk and explore the market to get best out of all.