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Murud: Places to visit, food to eat, (beach) resort to stay at

Romita Saluja

February 16, 2018

There may be quite a few places to visit and see in Murud and quite a few things to do in Murud but essentially, visit this coastal village of Maharashtra, an offbeat destination near Mumbai and Alibaug, when you are looking to lose track of time, forget that there is a world outside, spend your mornings, evenings or even nights sitting or lying by a quiet beach, with a book in hand may be, listening to the sound the waves make as they hit the shores. But then Murud does have its massive sea fortress, Murud-Janjira, that deserves at least one visit. A tour through its intriguing past and history can be rejuvenating.

From places to see to places to stay at, here is some information on Murud to help you explore the village over a long weekend or during an escape from the urban jungle.

About Murud

A truly offbeat destination, located at a distance of 42 km from Alibaug and 149 km from Mumbai, Murud lies in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, While Alibaug enjoys being one of the most popular getaways from Mumbai, frequented by celebrities and general tourists alike, Murud is a beautiful concoction of solitude, sunshine, and seafood. Unsurprisingly, people, including Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, like the idea of having a farmhouse near it.

Plus, Murud one of the leading producers of the king of fruits – The Alphonso Mango. Does that give you a reason to travel to Murud? Here is a list of some places to visit in and around Murud:

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Murud Beach

Of course you would be there! Save yourself from visa hassles and treat yourself with a beach holiday at Murud. The quietness spread over the village and the beach may astound you for a while but as you start getting used to the tranquil beauty of the village, the white sand of the beaches, and a sun-kissed sky, you embark on your journey away from the mad rush outside.

You won’t find loads of tourists at Murud beach, except for a small group of travellers or may be backpackers strolling around, or sitting idly, along with the locals. And that is exactly the reason why you should consider experiencing all that is Murud. It’s easier to spend your days in peace at Murud Beach, located in the town of Dapoli, reading a book, making a sketch, or just sun-bathing, doing nothing.

There are water sports too, in case your adventurous side needs some fuel. You can choose to indulge in parasailing, banana boat ride etc. 


Murud-Janjira Fort


Standing over an island, on an oval-shaped rock in the blue Arabian Sea is the massive Murud-Janjira Fort. There are many forts in the area but what Murud is mainly known for is this 15th century sea fortress defining the skyline of the coastal village. With its three gigantic cannons acting as its special attraction, Murud-Janjira is considered to be one of the strongest marine forts in the country.

The story behind the fortress isn't uninteresting either. Centuries ago, some local fishermen built a small fort on a huge rock to seek protection against pirates, and named it Medhekot. However, when the Nizam Shahi Sultan of Ahmednagar came to know about the location, he got determined to capture the fort due to its wide area and strategic location. Following which, a sturdier and bigger fort was constructed by his generation of rulers. The fort is known to have been named after the Arabic word “jazeere”, meaning island.

Around 20 of the fort’s bastions still stand tall and intact, and tell the stories of the times gone by. The fort today attracts historians, tourists in search of an offbeat travel experience, or just about anyone looking for a quiet spot by a beach in Maharashtra. Boats from the coast frequently take passengers to the fort. Private boats and guides can be hired at an additional cost.

Garambi Falls and Dam