• Little Known Food of Uttarakhand

Little Known Food of Uttarakhand

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Little Known Food of Uttarakhand

Cusine of the state tells about the culture and traditions of the place. Apart from tourist destinations and pilgrimages, Uttarakhand is also famous for healthy cuisine. The cuisine of Kumaon and Garhwal hills are unique most of the dishes includes local herbs and seeds like mustard seeds, jakhya and fenugreek that make the food tastier and interesting. The recipes of “Pahadi dishes” are very simple to cook.

So take a look at some “Pahadi dishes”.

Bhatt Ki Churkani


"Bhatt" is a black soyabean and one of the most iconic dishes of Kumaon. Churkani has a takda of local herbs, ghee, and small chopped onion. It's served with rice and lots of ghee is poured into it while cooking for better taste.

CHAINS/ Chainsoo


Chains are very very high in the protein prepared from the roasted gatah and urad. A Strong and thick paste of coriander, garlic, and varities of species are added as an ingredient. This dish is cooked in the iron kadhai over the slow flame for a long time. Sometimes it's hard to digest but if it's cooked with the good amount of spices its easy to digest.



Thechwani is prepared from crushed potatoes and radish (pahadi mooli). It's cooked in iron khadai and is very rich in protein and iron. Musturd seeds, garlic, ginger, roasted cumin powder and green chillies are the main ingredient of Thechwani. Its served with chapati and also with rice.

Kafuli/ Palak Ka Kaapa


Very common and best winter cuisine mostly liked by everyone. Kafuli or Kaapa is made from spinach and mustard leaves. Rice or wheat flour paste is added into it to make a fine gravy cooked in a gravy. Ghee is added into it for taste and good aroma. It's served with hot rice.

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Kakdi Ka Raita


Its a cuisine which is very very popular and very easy to prepare. This side dish is prepared from mustard paste, thick beaten curd, grated cucumber, turmeric, green chillies and the good amount of coriander leaves. This raita is served with daal- rice and roti- sabzi and also with “Aalu k gutookey”.

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Ras/ Thhatwani


Ras also know as Thhatwani is very hight in protein. It's a very fine soup of mix pulses which is cooked in the iron vessel. Basically, before cooking pulses has to be dipped in a water for a night and then it's boiled and at last cooked with spices and local herbs in iron kadhai. It's served hot with steamed rice.



If you really want to eat pahadi food please don't forget to try Dubkey. This dish has its unique taste and its good for the stomach. The main ingredient of this daal is Bhatt, Gahat, Urad, Channa which is made into the thick paste and then cooked with species, onion, and garlic. Dubkeey is served with rice, reddish, chutney and mixed salad. The dish is generally eaten in winters but if you like it you can also have it any day.

Bhang Ki Chutney


Bhang ki chutney is very tasty and tangy prepared with roasted bhang seeds( Hemp seeds) roasted cumin seeds lots of lemon juice, chilies, and green coriander leaves.

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