• India beats international travel destinations.

India beats international travel destinations.

Ambika Verma | March 03, 2016 | Featured | Comment |         |         |        

India beats international travel destinations.

Cancel your international holiday this summer. No seriously. Indians are suddenly re-discovering India. And why not? 'Diverse India' is a cliché', but it's also the truth. And discerning travelers are waking up to the fact. The country's travel and tourism industry is pegged at $38 billion and is expected to reach $117 billion in 2023. Currently, the domestic travel sector contributes a lion's share—more than $30 billion. We have the forests, handicrafts, history, and lots and lots of colour. The majestic Himalayas will give the Alps a run for their money. The beaches of Goa beat those in Thailand, Delhi's architecture is more than a match for Rome's. Don't believe us, here's visual proof.

1. The ceiling of St Ignazio church in Rome

And the paintings in Ajanta


2. A safari in Kenya v/s

Elephant spotting in Rajaji


3. A Buddhist monk in Cambodia v/s

The strong influence of Buddhism in Sikkim.


4. The beauty of New Zealand v/s

That of Sattal


5. Niagara Falls in America v/s

Dhuandhar Fall in Bedhaghat in Madhya Pradesh