• How to sound like a naturalist – in 7 easy steps!

How to sound like a naturalist – in 7 easy steps!

Rohini Kejriwal | May 12, 2016 | Featured | Comment |         |         |        

How to sound like a naturalist – in 7 easy steps!

By simple definition, a naturalist is "an expert in or student of natural history". As interesting as that may sound as a career opportunity, you don't necessarily need to be one to sound like one. Too cryptic for you? Here are 7 essential things you need to know to pull off sounding like a true naturalist in a crowd (of non-naturalists, but of course):

1) For starters, naturalists are scientists whose job is to make people appreciate the natural world and our environment as a whole. They serve as a crucial link between knowledge passed on to students to actually doing ground-level work to protect the earth's biodiversity.

2) What naturalists often do as part of their job is to participate in projects that try to protect and conserve naturally rich areas, like parks, wetlands, forests, rivers and other ecosystems, and watch over their maintenance.

3) With the common goal of saving the environment, naturalists sometimes work on interesting ways to pass on important information, including using various mediums like television, radio, newsletters, and in today's day and age, running websites on the same.

4) You don't just become a naturalist overnight. Yes, there are actually courses and bachelor’s degrees to study for, in fields like botany, conservation, ornithology, urban planning, and forestry, which make them who they are.

5) You need to be a good, and convincing storyteller or else the education on natural history does not get transmitted in the right way. This means firsthand knowledge of flora and fauna, which is then made interesting through one's own communication skills and creativity.

6) Above all, naturalists pride themselves with a sense of curiosity, everywhere they go. If not for this, their jobs would be meaningless and uninteresting, contrary to the truth of the matter.

7) Finally, naturalists are not people who sit indoors in front of computers and work from home. They are often outdoors, giving nature tours or partaking in outdoor activities like rock climbing, hikes, conservation tours and more!