• Hill Stations To Visit This Summer

Hill Stations To Visit This Summer

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Hill Stations To Visit This Summer

When you use the words ‘summer’ and ‘travel’ together, there are not many possibilities that cross your mind before the image of a cool, pretty hill station. Luckily, India is blessed with an alarming number of hill stations, some cliched, some recently popular and some still pretty secluded. Since it looks like summer may be here a lot earlier than we’re used to, we compiled a list of the hill stations to visit during the hotter months. See, now that you’ve got a headstart on your summer travel plans, do read this article, share it with your friends and let us now what you think.



Still obscured from the eyes of a general tourist, Ramgarh is comforatbly nestled in the lower Himalayas, with nice views of snow-capped peaks not too far off. The solitude and quiet beauty here can easily stimulate your creative streak. No surprise Ramgarh has been the refuge of choice for some of the biggest literary names of India, from Rabindranath Tagore and Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ to Mahadevi Verma.

How to reach:
By Air- Pantnagar Airport (84 km)
By Rail- Kathgodam Railway Station (55 km)
By Road- Delhi (330 km)



A small town in the Shimla district, Narkanda is one of india’s premier snow and ski destinations. Popular with enthusiasts for skiing during the winter months, Narkanda is equally enticing during the summer, this is when the place is blooming with cherry blossoms. Visit It for its white peaks and small-town charm.

How to reach:
By Air- Shimla Airport (43 km)
By Rail- Shimla Railway Station (43 km)
By Road- Delhi (429 km)



Kullu and Manali may well be cliched destinations, but they are a platitude for a reason. Despite being inundated with crowds now, Kullu and Manali still retain the appeal that make them the quintessential hill destinations in the country. Now that some unusual experiences, like trout fishing on the outskirts of Kullu, treks near Old Manali and dozens of neat little cafes to eat in, have come up, it is all the more reason to visit here and define an experience for yourself.

How to reach:
By Rail: Chandigarh (293 Km)
By Air: Kullu (50 Km)
By Road: Delhi (547 Km)



One of the fastest growing tourist destinations in india, Wayanad is the proverbial ‘best of both worlds’. The place is gifted with natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Its gentle hills covered with tea and coffee plantations, its Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are fast making the destination the first choice for travellers looking for an authentic Kerala experience. About time you shared the joy.

How to reach:
By Air- Kozhikode international Airport (100 km)
By Rail- Kozhikode Railway Station (110 km)
By Road- Delhi (2400 km), Bangalore (275 km)



Literally translating to ‘Queen’s Meadow’, Raikhet is the royal equivalent of hill stations. With quaint British-Era architecture, gentle rolling slopes adorned by tall oak and deodar trees, and a pleasant weather that lasts all around the year, Ranikhet has been a hit with travellers looking for a reliable good getaway without the usual deluge of crowds.

How to reach:
By Air- Pantnagar Airport (115 km)
By Rail- Kathgodam Railway Station (80 km)
By Road- Delhi (355 km)