Five Unique Travel Experiences Near Delhi

Shantanu Yadav | March 03, 2017 | Featured | Comment |         |         |        

Five Unique Travel Experiences Near Delhi

Travelling is nothing if not a collection of experiences. Delhi, being the national capital and one of the most happening places in the country, has a ton of unique experiences to enjoy. From an outdoor movie, to star gazing in the middle of nowhere, here are five interesting experiences in and around Delhi that will instantly take your journey from good to memorable.

1. Outdoor movie

outdoor movie

Spending some time under the night sky, watching a movie of your choice, is an experience straight from a modern fairytale. At V Resorts Farm Stay Delhi, get together a few friends or a loved one, pick a title of your choice, and watch a movie on a big screen in the vast green orchard, with the stars for company. Romantic, did you say?

2. Boat dinner

boat dinner

Beside a small lake near V Resorts Banni Khera Farm Rohtak is a small al-fresco dinner setup in a boat, complete with candles, lanterns. In open air, beside a water body, with a loved one by your side, this is a meal that will stay with you for long.

3. Star-gazing

star gazing

If you've lived long enough in a city, you might be excused for having forgotten how beautiful a night sky is. At V Resorts Sariska, rekindle your childhood excitement on seeing these mysterious specks twinkling in the sky. There’s also a telescope at a strategic point within the premises to rouse that budding astronomer within.

4. Aarti in a kids’ aashram


A few kilometers away from V Resorts Rajaji National Park is the Divya Prem Sewa Mission. The ashram is a beacon of positivity whose light can cheer up the most cynical of men. The mission is a bustling foster-home for kids with leprosy-ridden parents. Accompany fellow guests from the resort for the evening aarti, and share some joy with the kids over a game of cricket or just casual conversation. The experience will fill you with boundless positive energy.

5. Pottery


Andretta, an idyllic village busy with sound of flowing streams and chirping birds, is a haven for nature and art lovers. Located about two hours away from V Resorts Dal Lake Dharamshala, the sparse-but-beautiful village houses the Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society, which attracts tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world. Spend time observing potters at work, learn the ropes of the crafts from these masters, learn the art of appreciating good pottery, and buy some of these magnificent specimens. A day spent here will be one of the most fruitful you’ve had in a while.