• Destinations To Visit Near Murud

Destinations To Visit Near Murud

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Destinations To Visit Near Murud

Traveling is the best experience when you get to explore new places during a single journey. Thus, going to Murud, a sleepy seaaide town, near Alibaug and Mumbai, with its rolling hills, sea, history, forts and fishermen villages, would be incomplete if you do not visit any other destination around it. Make a trip to Murud, while also travelling to these places nearby. The town has got big cities within reachable distance, making it easy for the people to visit them while on a Murud trip.



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Considered to be the metropolitan capital of the country, Mumbai is a bustling city, which has got some activity or the other for everyone. Mumbai is known for its nightlife. This city is the first choice for people to settle down in and also for visiting several tourist destinations within the city. It is some 150km away, and can be reached through road, or a one-hour ferry to The Gateway Of India.



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The place is called Oxford of the East. This is a large student hub that adores art and culture. This place is great for theater lovers, especially with its Marathi plays that can also be seen in other languages portrayed by brilliant artists. This place contains the beauty of history and art and the decent weather making it an all time visit. Pune is some 182 km from Murud.



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The lush green valley is the most visited holiday and weekend destination in Maharashtra. The place has got beauty that will leave you awestruck. It is also good for trekking and other adventure activities. A big break from the daily chaos, this place is a true getaway. Lonavala is some 117km from Murud.



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The humble temple town is 99km away from Murud and is the most sought after destination for devotees. Dombivili has beautiful temples with brilliant carvings and peaceful surroundings. Also, you get to taste the amazing Marathi cuisine here.



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The beautiful view, perennial waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes makes Mahabaleshwar, approximately 150km from Murud, stand out as the largest and popular hill station in the Western Ghats. As the place has a comfortable temperature, you get to spend time here any month of the year.



Known to be one of the holiest cities in the country, Nasik has got a lot of temples and Ghats as attractions, as well as vineyard holidays and wine tourism. There are several other things to explore in here, like the vineyards. It is 296 km from Murud.