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Destinations To Visit near Kotabagh

Kotabagh is a beautiful hill station in Nainital. Tourists flock in here to camp and trek among its beautiful forests and valleys. The best time to visit Kotabagh is in spring or autumn. You can see a lot of famous writers and artists setting up camps there to work in peace and quiet between natures. It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. You can go there with family, friends or even with your date. Not only for trekking, but the place is also famous for its comfort resorts, where you can lounge all day, admiring nature at its best.

While is beautiful on its own and is a wonderful place to visit, you can travel to some of its neighboring places which equally beautiful. For that, you need a longer trip than a weekend, but it will be worth the experience. Check out some of these destinations that you can visit near Kotabagh listed below, and pack your bags for a fun filled trip!

Corbett National Park


Image Source- Wikimedia

It is the oldest national park of India, built in 1936 by naturalist Jim Corbett. The aim of the national park was to conserve the Bengal tigers, which were an endangered species at time, with all the poaching and hunting. They are still endangered though, but a flock of these royal beauties can be seen in the national park. It is about a two hour drive from Kotabagh.

Nainital Lake


Image Source- Flickr
Situated at an hour drive from Kotabagh, Nainital is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Uttarakhand. It is crescent shaped, surrounded by hills and long tress, which adds to its beauty. It is a must-see place whenever you visit the state. The lake is frozen during winter, but during summer, you can go boating there.

Nanda Devi

nanda devi

Image Source- Wikimedia
It is the second highest mountain range on India and is a 10 hour drive from Kotabagh. But the view is worth it. Covered in ice, the mountains stand high among the sky. Nearby, you can see the Nanda Devi national park, which is very rich and diverse in its flora and fauna. Apart from that, there’s even the Nanda Devi temple.
Apart from these, Uttarakhand is filled with lakes, parks and valleys. You will enjoy your time there, between nature, away from the rush of towns, pollution and crowd. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

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