Best Things To Do In Sariska

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Best Things To Do In Sariska

So, you’re here at Sariska, one of the best wildlife destinations in India, and you’re somehow feeling like you’re running out of options. Don’t you dare dish out that pack of cards hidden away for idle times, we’ve got a whole list of things to do in Sariska that will get your heart-pumping and your head filled with joyous memories. Read on, there’s so much you were going to miss out on!



Sariska’s acclaim for its wildife safaris doesn’t do much justice to its potential as a birding destination. There are many rare, endemic and migratory species like white-throated kingfisher, sandgrouse, golden-backed woodpecker, Indian peafowl (the glorious peacock!), bush quail and the Indian eagle-owl, which will make any bird-watcher’s day. While you can see many of these on a safari, one of the best ways is to go searching for them on foot.



The natural beauty here is splendid, the wildlife is just waiting to be clicked, the forests hide many heritage buildings, the night-time has to be seen to be believed - all in all, there are countless photography opportunities to write home about, better done on a postcard with their pictures. Amatuer or full-fledged career photographer? Just grab a camera, roam around, point and shoot away!

Heritage Tour


This one is right out of the left field. Most of us don’t know Sariska for its forts and temples and monuments, and the loss is entirely ours. There are the Sariska Palace, the Kankwari Fort, dating back to the time of Maharaja Jai Singh I, Pandupol, a Mahabharat-era temple near a freshwater stream, inside th Sariska Tiger Reserve itself. On the outskirts are the Siliserh lake, a lake retreat and hunting lodge for the then-queen, the Neelkantheshwar temple complex and the city of Alwar with its museums, heritage schools, barracks, etc, waiting to be explored. Don’t just sit there with one hand on another, get going!

Widlife Safari


This is a given, isn’t it? You don’t go to one of India’s best known widlife destinations without exploring the enomrous number of wild species there on a full-fledged safari. Being a tiger reserve, the Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction here, but even if you don’t come across one, you may get to witness many other wildife species like leopards, hyenas, wild cats, jackals and wild dogs, aprt from wild hogs and wild buffalos lurking in the deciduous and the thorny arid forests here.

Sample Rajasthani cuisine


Well, needless to say, the Rajasthani cuisine is a little piece of heaven that we’re somehow fortunate to have amongst us. With its spice-laden, grease-and-juice-dripping fare, there is no reason you should be missing out on this absolutely gorge-worthy cuisine; unless you’re a heart-patient or are diabetic, in which case, stay the hell away!

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