• Best Sunset And Sunrise Points In India

Best Sunset And Sunrise Points In India

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Best Sunset And Sunrise Points In India

Versatility being India, its diverse landscapes – the rolling forests, magnificient hills, curious beaches and spectacular deserts – make it a photographer’s delight. And we discovered each destination affords a unique sunrise and sunset. Photographers travel the length and breadth of the country to capture indigenous moments. Here are few spectacular places for to catch the first and last rays of the sun.

Tiger Hill, Darjeeling


Image Credit- Flickr

Tiger Hill is situated in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It is famous for uninterrupted views of the Mount Kanchenjunga range. On clear days, one can visit the vantage point of the hill, warm oneself with some tea and coffee (available there) and ready to take in the stunning play of colours. The Mount Everest and the first ray of sunlight is knowns as twin shades of peaks that comes up with pink shade and get mixed with an environment and turns orange. Watching Sunrise from here is best enjoyed with fresh Darjeeling tea.

Alleppy, Kerala


 The sunset at the Alleppy beach sunset is quite renowned for its ravishing beauty. The beach, surrounded by palm trees, pristine natural landscape, old lighthouse and gardens is established as one of the best in kerala. Here, watch the sky change shades – from pink to orange to a deep red, providing stark contrast to the blue of the sea.

Pushkar, Rajasthan


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Witness a mysterious spectacle at the sunset point in Pushkar, one of the oldest living cities in India. Watch the sun slowly move from the sky to behind the Aravalli range, with the Pushkar lake providing a canvas like backdrop. Also, known for the famous cattle fair, and the nearvy Ajmer Dargah, time your visit to the sunset point so that you are able to catch the moving spectacle



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Varkala, also known as the new Goa, has vast beaches encircled by sharp cliffs. The cliffs merge with the sea providing a unique landscape. Varkala in Kerala is increasingly becoming the new hot spot for backpackers and travellers who want to to combine the fun of Goa with welness retreats providing yoga and ayurvedic massages. Catch the sunset from one of the cliffs. It is a revelation. You could sip your favourite drink in one of the cafes situated on the cliffs too.

Murud- Maharashtra


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Murud, very near the famed Alibaug – retreat of the rich and famous of Mumbai – has some spectacular sunset points. Hills slope into the sea, and fisherman villages dot the beaches. You could either take a vantage point on top of a cliff and watch the sunset, while the little boats and village homes providing a postcard frame to the whole scene. Or, you could be at the beach and focus on the changing shades of the sky and resultant effect on the water. Whatever you choose to do, it surely will be a unique sight.