• 5 Classic dishes that make Himachali cuisine special

5 Classic dishes that make Himachali cuisine special

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5 Classic dishes that make Himachali cuisine special

When it comes to Himachal Pradesh, the most obvious reason to fall in love with the place is the natural beauty, surreal landscapes, and gorgeous views of the mountain ranges. If you’re a foodie, however, the equation changes slightly, especially since the local cuisine is so delicious! Credit the availability of freshly grown, organic fruits and vegetables or the importance given to good nutrition, but these 5 pahari dishes are a must-try the next time you’re there on holiday.

1. One of the most famous grandmothers’ recipes that is passed down in Himachal is that of bhey, or spicy lotus stems. Often made with potatoes as a sabzi, the simple but extremely fulfilling dish is usually eaten with rotis and rice.

2. Another famous item enjoyed by the locals is Sidu, a bread made from wheat flour which must be prepared a few hours before being consumed. This unique bread is usually paired with ghee or butter, but can also be enjoyed with mutton, daal or coriander chutney.

3. No list of Himachali food is complete without the mention of Dham, a dish prepared mainly by the Brahmins in Chamba. A combination of rajma), moong dal and curd rice, the tasty dish is served on leaves with kali dal, boor ki kari and a particular sauce made out of tamarind and jaggery.

4. One of the most traditional sabzis to be found in the hills is channa madra, a type of yoghurt and chickpea flour-based gravy. For fans of spicy food, this is definitely worth a try considering the assortment of spices that season it along with onions, ginger, and garlic.

5. Yet another scrumptious breakfast item from the Sirmour district is the Patande, which resembles the dosa but texture-wise, is more like pancakes. Made with ghee and a batter comprising of wheat flour, sugar and milk, the sweet patandes are the best way to start one’s mornings!