• 10 Destinations Current Bollywood Movies Celebrated

10 Destinations Current Bollywood Movies Celebrated

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10 Destinations Current Bollywood Movies Celebrated

The Indian film industry is a cornerstone in the country's cultural landscape. They've made us laugh, made us cry, entertains us thoroughly, sometimes bored us to death and in rare cases, made us think. Besides this, Bollywood has been an eternal trendsetter in India. Whatever they do becomes fashion and goes 'viral'. Over the years they've picked some exquisite locations that make you want to stop everthing and travel, and explore these fine destinations. Here's a list of some wonderful Indian places that have recently become popular after featuring in a movie. Enjoy!



This movie is a proper road movie- driving a truck along the highways of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It's not just about the panoramic beauty of the mountains, the whole motive of the film is being on the road. And they've done that to a great effect.



One of the best comedy drama films in recent times, Piku inspires you to travel. The movie shows a father-daughter relationship during a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata, where Amitabh Bachchan gives up on travelling by train or air and decides to go by road. The drive starts from Yamuna express way to Varanasi and then finally Kolkata, and presents some unique views of the places on the way.

Jab We Met


“Hum jo chalane lage, chalane lage hain yeh raaste" was the signature romantic road trip song of the movie, which, to nobody's surprise, made everyone nostalgic and longing to get on the road. This romantic comedy movie starts with a train journey from Mumbai and halts at Ratlam, Manali, Bhatinda and Shimla. Jab we Met always reminds us of a cool train journey which made us fall in love with the movie's concept of travelling.

Dil Chahta Hai


Long before travel movies were cool, Dil Chahta Hai made you fall in love with Goa. Watching this movie inspired a whole generation of college goers to pack their bags and set out on a Goa road trip. Travelling to Goa is more than a party destination. Goa is a proper national treasure, a holiday destination for bachelors to chill out, and is now popular as one of the hottest beach destinations around the world.

Ye Jawani hai Diwani


“Ye jawani hai diwani” tells bag- packers to leave everything and go for a trek with best friends. Movies second parts take you through Udaipur, capturing beautiful monuments and colourful wedding destinations.

Chennai express


Though mostly based in the south, the movie takes on a journey of entire India, from the north to the south. Comedy and romantic visual based movie. The hills of Munar in Kerala are the most appealing sight in the movie. Landscape shown in the movie will make you want to visit tamil Nadu and Kerala. The movie takes travellers across the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

3 Idiots


Phunsukh wangdu(Aamir Khan) who lives in Ladakh and runs a school is the inspiration here. The best part of the movie is shot at Ladakh Pangong lake. 3 Idiots has brought many travellers to Pangong, now a cult destination.

Delhi 6


This movie shows the hidden world of Old Delhi, with its maze-like small lanes which surprisingly open to big markets, where cycle rickshaws, passengers bus and garbage in the middle of the road makes people to gossip. Delhi 6 tells all about Old Delhi, which is a pivotal character in the movie. As Abhishek Bachhan says in the movie, “Dilli ek sheher nahi, mehfil hai”.

Koi Mil Gaya


Hope you remember beautiful Preity Zinta's bungalow where she lived in the movie, Koi Mil Gaya. On the top of the hill with a beautiful big garden around it, “Koi Mil Gaya” has been shot in the beautiful landscapes near Sattal.



Mandawa nowadays is a hub of some of Bollywood's top movies. It's antique appeal has made it a top shooting destination in recent times (google the names of movies shot here and you'll know what I'm talking about). One of the best movies in recent memory, PK, Aamir Khan's blockbuster, is shot here. This place is very famous for its historic forts and havelis and has become one of the most visited Bollywood destinations in Rajasthan