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And what else other than trekking can be the best way to appreciate and savour the exquisite beauty of Nature? Trekking is all about coming close to nature, soaking in the breathtaking views and knowing a new land, its people, its culture and traditions. 

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Trekking Holidays in Sattal

Trekking Holiday“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  -- John Muir

Trekking is all about coming close to nature, soaking in the breathtaking views and knowing a new land, its people, its culture and traditions. 

Naturally blessed with some of the best trekking routes in the world, India is a trekker’s paradise. Well known for its adventure trekking routes like Roopkund Trek (Uttarakhand), Kumara Parvatha Trek (Karnataka), Markha Valley Trek (Ladakh) etc, India also offers some amazing trekking trails that are not only picturesque but also less challenging.  If looking for trekking tours in India you must surely plan a holiday to Sattal.

Lesser known, located in the picturesque hilly state of Uttarakhand, Sattal is one such destination that offers both easy and moderate routes for trekking. While in Sattal, you can enjoy trekking in the following routes:


Route 1 (Easy trek): Its a 4.5 Km trek (to and fro) along the Sattal lake that’s bounded by lofty green hills. Starting from KMVN this is a beautiful flat trail that takes you into a land of two beautiful lakes, sight many unknown birds and wonder at the pristine beauty of the tall green tress. The terrain is varied, including some paved roads and other areas that are quite rugged. Passing thru shops, the trek takes a turn towards the forest (i.e. going off-road) and takes you up in a beautiful forest full of pine trees. While there are regular trail marks, the fun is in creating your own and hopping across the shrubs. On the way there is a shop selling beautiful decoration pieces carved out of fallen wood and very cheap (though open on days he wants to open :-) ).

Route 2 (Easy Trek): Its a 4 Km trek (to and fro) to Subhash Dhara, a freshwater waterfall gushing down from deep inside the forest. More leisurely than strenuous, the trail to Subhash Dhara is about reaching the waterfall, listen to the sound of water amid silent jungle and stroll back while occasionally jumping around a mound or digging in the heals on a foresty trail. You would have the grand spectacle of migrating birds and the sparkling clear water of the waterfall will give lifetime memories. Deep shaded forest and splashing water make this trail an especially fun hike in summers.

Route 3 (Normal Trek):  Its a 6 Km trek (to and fro) that takes you to a village named Surya Gaon. The trail meanders through pine forests, rocks, a  white coloured beautiful village temple and a small water body. You would cover the slopes and come to the flats where there is a small village which you would realize lives in a world of its own. A short snack break beside the water body and some photo op later you could head back to your cliff-top retreat.

Route 4 (Challenging Trek): Although just a 2 Km trek  (to and fro), it’s a steep rocky trail at an incline of almost 30 degrees lined by tall green pine and deodar trees. Starting from V Resorts – Sattal, this is a challenging route where it’s  an effort to keep yourself stable while trekking down. An occasional glance to the right, i.e. full view of Sattal Lake will keep you going. Coming back (i.e. climbing up) it’s a real test of stamina. The steep incline is enough to pump your lungs and breathe in all of the fresh air available there. Unless you’re a regular trekker, it’s advisable to take a break or two while climbing up. The view, forest, lake etc remain same as other treks. 

Trekking is not about spending days, but a lifetime experience. Come create your own fond memories of trekking in the awe-inspiring trails of Sattal.

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"Awe-struck by the mesmerizing View" - Amiya-Poonam, V Resorts - Sattal

We stayed at the V-RESORT Sattal property for 8 nights from 18th July 2013. It was intended to be a relaxation & rejuvenation break .... and turned out to be very bit of it. The location of the resort is excellent. Its away from the hustle-bustle of the city and provides an extremely serene experience. I was there during the monsoon and was completely awe-stuck by the mesmerizing view of the Sattal lake, the pine trees, misty morning walks and the floating cloud cover.

"Excellent stay at Resort, close to Nature" - Satya193, V Resorts - Pauri

Excellent stay at the resort close to the nature. Wonderful stay made comfortable through excellent hospitality extended by the resort manager, Deepak and his staff (though limited). Deepak seemed to be all in one, a wonderful host, guide and an excellent chef, all combined in one. The person went out of his way to make the stay a memorable one. Thank you, Deepak and Dinesh. We have been to all the Vresort properties, and I must say each one offers u a unique experience. Only one thing is common, Outstanding Hospitality. Would love to be back.

"Fantastic Resort!!" - RintuRimi, V Resorts - Corbett

Fantastic!!!!!!! is the only the nearest word to describe the total services of this resort. We were 3 persons in our family-me, my wife and a baby of 3 years; visited the place for 2 nights and 3 days on 10th October to 13th October 2013. It is really an off-beat resort. The journey from Ramnagar to this resort was fabulous. It is almost 8 km inside the jungle and the Jeep journey of this 8 km was one of the best parts of our tour. My baby was really enjoying the Jungle journey specially when the Jeep crossed one dry river.

"Holiday Home in Lap of Nature" - Apurva2013, V Resorts - Ramgarh Cottage

This is First Time for me when i am visiting Himalaya . V Resorts - Ramgarh Cottage, is ideal to see and feel beauty in mountains, valleys and hills, and in the skies. the Location of V Resorts is Amazing Quite and Peaceful , Room with beautiful view of mountain.., morning with sun and in cloud sades and the evening with bonfire and cold weather was amazing , Resort Service was Very good & Special mention - Food was excellent. Staff is very helpful and nice "bharat and jay" ..The All Over Experience of Himalaya With V Resorts Was Amazing...

“Inner Peace” - SaurabhGupta1974, V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage

Swiss Chalet, Home-made Himachali Cuisine, Beautiful Valleys....Peaceful and Relaxing experience...what else you need on a vacation. Great fun for the kids as well with all the not miss the drive and trek to Hattu Peak to see the panoramic Great Himalayan Range

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