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V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts

"Unique chain of Offbeat Resorts in India" - Good Housekeeping, Nov, 2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Sattal

"Perched on a hill, overhanging the lake" - Outlook Traveller, 2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Ramgarh Cottage

"180 degree picturesque view" - Good Housekeeping, Nov, 2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Corbett

"A jungle book vacation" - India Today Group, Jun, 2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Almora

"Stunning sunrises and Starry skies" - Air India Inflight Magazine, Jul, 2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Pauri

"Pauri's best hotel" - Outlook Traveller,2013

V Resorts Trip Ratings

V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage

"Enchanting views of the valley, specially from V Resorts" - Pioneer Group, Aug,2013

Packages At V Resorts

Sattal - Ramgarh Package

Sattal and Ramgarh

When the urge for a vacation to some offbeat place gets better of you, a trip to Sattal and Ramgarh is sure to enliven you.

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Sattal - Corbett Package

Sattal and Corbett

Get wild in wilderness, Relax in the midst of mountains calmness.

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Sattal Almora Package

Sattal and Almora

Looking for a peaceful getaway from cities, just plan a trip to Sattal and Almora where nature & peace reign supreme

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Corbett and Almora Package

Corbett and Almora

If adventure in the midst of wilderness is your holiday type then Corbett and Almora are the two ideal holiday destinations.

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Sleepover at Rajaji National Park Package

Sleepover at Rajaji National Park

Dinner, Stay, Treks, Actvities and much more.

Package Price : Rs 999 only per person

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A Date with forest @ Rajaji National Park

A Date with forest @ Rajaji National Park

Enjoy Snacks, Lunch, Treks, Actvities and much more

Package Price : Rs 849 only per person

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Our Angling Package

Our Angling Package

For angling enthusiasts who are looking for short breaks amidst nature.

2 Nights / 3 Days at V Resorts - Sattal for Rs 9,899 only (starting from 1st May, 2014)

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2 Nights / 3 Days Package at V Resorts - Fort Auwa

2 Nights / 3 Days Package at V Resorts - Fort Auwa

Discover offbeat Rajasthan with 2 Nights / 3 Days Package at V Resorts - Fort Auwa, 2 hrs from Jodhpur.

Price : Rs 9,000 per couple with all meals 

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Our family fishing package is all about making your family happy while you enjoy angling in the cool waters of Beas Ghat. 

3 Nights / 4 Days at V Resorts - Pauri for Rs 17,000 only 

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Trekking Package, Sattal

Blessed with a beautiful lake, lofty green hills and many breathtaking trekking trails, Sattal is a trekker's paradise...

2 Nights / 3 Days at V Resorts - Sattal for Rs 9,200 only 

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For cycling enthusiast who wants to enjoy a family holiday in the midst of nature... 

2 Nights / 3 Days at V Resorts - Sattal for Rs 10,400 only

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Birding Package, Rajaji National Park

A special package for our birding friends for whom holiday means family events rather than just a birding trip. 

2 Nights/3 Days for Rs 15,700 only (all inclusive)

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chain of offbeat resorts!

V Resorts, is a unique chain of Offbeat Resorts in India. Our Resorts are located in offbeat places away from the hustle-bustle of the city. We operate on the concept of elegant, upmarket but limited service and we are the first chain in India to do so. V Resorts is your home when the urge to get out of the concrete jungle gets the better of you. We have carefully chosen our resorts/hotels/cottages to give you the most important thing you and us wish, the VIEW.

Our resorts offer some of the best views in India. Whether it is Sattal, perched at the top of the hill or Ramgarh, with 180 degree mesmerizing valley view or Pauri, with a clear line of sight view of 7 Himalayan peaks or Kyari - Corbett, with the forest view or Almora, with breathtaking sunrise view or Narkanda, with enchanting views of the Churadhar range (inner Himalayas) or Rajaji National Park, with superb panoramic views of open farmlands bounded by lofty green hills or Fort Auwa, offering fleeting glimpse of a bygone era, we offer you home with delicious food and awesome VIEW.

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View – Great View and Location
of each destination
Value – India’s first limited
service resort chain
Very True – Full transparency of all information and promises


"Awe-struck by the mesmerizing View" - Amiya-Poonam, V Resorts - Sattal

We stayed at the V-RESORT Sattal property for 8 nights from 18th July 2013. It was intended to be a relaxation & rejuvenation break .... and turned out to be very bit of it. The location of the resort is excellent. Its away from the hustle-bustle of the city and provides an extremely serene experience. I was there during the monsoon and was completely awe-stuck by the mesmerizing view of the Sattal lake, the pine trees, misty morning walks and the floating cloud cover.

"Excellent stay at Resort, close to Nature" - Satya193, V Resorts - Pauri

Excellent stay at the resort close to the nature. Wonderful stay made comfortable through excellent hospitality extended by the resort manager, Deepak and his staff (though limited). Deepak seemed to be all in one, a wonderful host, guide and an excellent chef, all combined in one. The person went out of his way to make the stay a memorable one. Thank you, Deepak and Dinesh. We have been to all the Vresort properties, and I must say each one offers u a unique experience. Only one thing is common, Outstanding Hospitality. Would love to be back.

"Fantastic Resort!!" - RintuRimi, V Resorts - Corbett

Fantastic!!!!!!! is the only the nearest word to describe the total services of this resort. We were 3 persons in our family-me, my wife and a baby of 3 years; visited the place for 2 nights and 3 days on 10th October to 13th October 2013. It is really an off-beat resort. The journey from Ramnagar to this resort was fabulous. It is almost 8 km inside the jungle and the Jeep journey of this 8 km was one of the best parts of our tour. My baby was really enjoying the Jungle journey specially when the Jeep crossed one dry river.

"Holiday Home in Lap of Nature" - Apurva2013, V Resorts - Ramgarh Cottage

This is First Time for me when i am visiting Himalaya . V Resorts - Ramgarh Cottage, is ideal to see and feel beauty in mountains, valleys and hills, and in the skies. the Location of V Resorts is Amazing Quite and Peaceful , Room with beautiful view of mountain.., morning with sun and in cloud sades and the evening with bonfire and cold weather was amazing , Resort Service was Very good & Special mention - Food was excellent. Staff is very helpful and nice "bharat and jay" ..The All Over Experience of Himalaya With V Resorts Was Amazing...

“Inner Peace” - SaurabhGupta1974, V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage

Swiss Chalet, Home-made Himachali Cuisine, Beautiful Valleys....Peaceful and Relaxing experience...what else you need on a vacation. Great fun for the kids as well with all the activities...do not miss the drive and trek to Hattu Peak to see the panoramic Great Himalayan Range

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V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

Corporates at V Resorts

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